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The following is an excerpt from the ebook The Country Will Follow: 1st-hand experiences combating the Deep Condition and the Motion Approach for the American Citizen by COL (Ret) John R. Mills–Former Director, Cybersecurity Plan, Method, and International Affairs, Workplace of the Secretary of Defense.

This excerpt describes a world cadre of elitist called the Deep Condition bent on bullying, swaying, and in the end enslaving the masses to surrender to their ideas for handle. Mills contends that until we choose back again our counties on a local stage, we will not have an effect on modify on the national and finally international stage. Protected your county and the country will comply with.


Enable me commence by conveying that we are at war within America and worldwide. Regretably, war is a ordinary element of the human continuum. This is not however a war in the typical perception, fought with guns and bombs (at least, not on our shores). The war we are combating and have been for many years is for handle and stability of correct wherever we reside in America—in our counties. The county (or county equivalent for people who use unique terms in The usa), is the foundation of The usa. Protected your county and the country will stick to.

When the Founding Fathers penned the Structure and designed the authorities and the constructions that would type the Republic, they did so to return power to the people and to solid off the yoke of oppression. The aim was to oppose tyranny, to enact democracy, and to create and guard a society that held the ideas of liberty and liberty at its quite core. The ambition was very simple, the structures rigid, and the general public will infallible. The fight for American independence, however, did not close when the British Empire was solid absent and the greatest nation on God’s Green Earth was born.

This was when it began. In the hundreds of years since, the citizens of The united states have been engaged in warfare, interior and exterior, to safeguard these United States of The usa. In the American Civil War, liberty was defended by means of military implies, and the Union was solidified.

Because then, the weapon of option of the superior priest of the Deep State has been societal manage by means of incrementalism. They have been relentless in their drive to incrementally and innocuously strip, chip, and have the citizen. Guns and bombs have offered way to management, influence and ability, and the war for our freedom and liberty is, to the uninformed, invisible. But when you know how to place it, all of a sudden you start out to see it just about everywhere.

This war has two combatants. The to start with of these is the Deep Condition: a seditious team of political and nonpolitical actors working with the media, globalism, politics, and mass psychosis to manage and sway the citizens of the United States.

On the other aspect, there is everyone else. I had approximated the split to be 80 % every person else and 20 percent in the Deep Point out camp (the Rasmussen Numbers formerly cited ended up 84/16, so I was low). What I urge all is that we are the vast majority, so let us get started performing like it: the citizens of the US, and hence, by proxy of the immense global impact of the United States, the citizens of the planet. Permit me make it obvious, the Deep Point out is not a strictly American phenomenon, it can be a world cadre of elitist whose sole function is to control and monopolize the planet, enacting a sort of contemporary slavery that subverts itself into global consciousness, creating it approximately impossible to resist.

But resist it we should, and we want to do it applying the same instruments that they are applying to enact their management and exert their affect. We want to consider again management employing the resources and the equipment that our Founding Fathers gave us: our Constitution and our Democracy.

COL (Ret) Mills has experienced an enormous effect on a quantity of considerable countrywide security occasions more than the final 40 many years, from the Cold War, Peace Dividend, War on Terror, Entire world in Chaos, and now, the period of the Good Power Showdown and the fight to help save the Republic. This provider has been both in uniform and as a senior civilian for the Office of Protection and service with the National Stability Council at the White Home.

John is a section of the Middle for Security Plan, Committee on Current Hazard China, an adjunct professor for a significant University’s Graduate Program for Cybersecurity, and a typical Op-Ed writer for the Epoch Times.


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