Safest Ways to Replace a Flat Tire

Suddenly meeting with a flat tire hazard at the middle of the road is something most common experience of a car user. But it is possible to reduce the hazards by learning how to replace one with a step me tire, stored at your trunk.

If this interests you, check out the simple steps suggested by the team of professional mechanics serving at one of the reputed service centers of the Las Vegas car dealers.

  1. Find a Safe Place to Pull Over

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A flat tire will make your car gounpredictably imbalanced, and hence highly unsafe. So, the first thing you need to do, after one of your car tires go flat, is to find a safe place to pull your car aside where you can park it as long as you need it. Do notforget to turn on the hazard lights to let other cars know about the presence of your car, if it is dark.

  1. Tools you Need

To replace the flat tire with a spare one, you need the following tools. So keep them handy before you take your car out next time.

  • Lug Wrench
  • A Jack
  • Key for The Wrench for Locked Wheels.
  • Owner’s Manual
  1. Raising the Car Height

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After parking your car at a safe place, now place the collapsed jack under the tire and raise the jack until the wheelwith the flat tire has completely left the ground. To raise the jack, hook the extension arm to the jack and then start the “screwing” in a clockwise direction.

  1. Loosen and Remove the Lug Nuts

The lug nuts might feel tough enough to be unscrewed, you have to put enough force on the wrenchto break loose those stubborn lug nuts. The easiest way to do it, is standing on the wrench itself and apply your body weight on the wrench in the anti-clockwise direction.

Once done, do not forget to store all the lug nuts in a safe place after you remove them, so that you can get them handy when you need them to tighten the spare tire. Though not a step to be mentioned about, but it is betterto put the whole unit of the original wheel and tire set, exactly where you used to keep your spare tire. This will help you stay organized, when you’ll next visit any repair shop to fix up the flat tire.

  1. Mount the Spare and Gently Reinstall the Lug Nuts

The spare tire that you are going to fit needs to be lifted up on one of those studs in a way so that it can catch it and can stably hang from there. Now you need to ensure that the new wheel fits snugly against that particular hub. Now, screw back the lug nuts in.

Now take the extension arm and start spinning the jack down in a counter-clockwise direction until it slides out from beneath the vehicle. The spare now firmly standing on the ground, should be able to support the vehicle weight. To make sure, the spare tire is now active, drive for a mile and you’re done.

Get more such useful tips from the experienced mechanics of the Las Vegas car dealerships.

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