Sean Penn Oscar statuette: Sean Penn presents his Oscar statuette to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Sean Penn confirmed his help for President Zelensky by giving him his Oscar statuette. The function was posted on Instagram, where Penn can be viewed giving the President his Oscar Statuette. This was Penn’s way of displaying that he stood in solidarity with all the Ukrainians. Enthusiasts of Sean Penn discovered it an act of terrific braveness.

When handing in excess of the statuette to President Zelensky, Sean said, “this is a foolish image, but I come to feel sturdy if it is listed here.” Penn asked the Ukrainian President to convey the statuette back again to Malibu when Ukraine registers a victory in the war.

F1 silly time commences with Piastri fiasco

Piastri declared

Alpine F1 on Tuesday declared prolonged-time academy racer Oscar Piastri as a single of their drivers for the 2023 season, only to be rebuffed by the driver. The Australian F2 winner tweeted later stating he had not signed, throwing the driver sector into chaos.

President Zelenskyy acknowledged this symbol of toughness from Sean Penn with the utmost regard. “He has delivered continual aid to Ukraine with anything he has ever because he frequented us in the money metropolis,” stated Zelenskky in his tackle.

Paul, who is filming a documentary in Ukraine and has now been there two times ahead of, is hoping to cement his country’s relationship with the persons of Ukraine. Penn also possesses his country’s Buy of Merit to bolster relations with Ukraine.

Moreover, this fantastic intention will help his country’s territorial integrity even though also marketing the region by means of his initiatives.

Identified for his towering screen existence and performing, Sean Penn has been nominated for Oscars 5 times (and we hope there are much more nominations in the foreseeable future!). He received the Oscars for his superb performances in The Mystic River (2003) and Milk (2008). In simple fact the scene where he had to produce a monologue to his useless daughter (performed by Emily Rossum) in the movie The Mystic River, experienced to be shot once more and again. Mainly because every time Sean spoke, Emily ended up crying. These types of was his general performance. A well deserved Oscar. And now provided around for a properly deserved trigger!

Sean Penn has been banned by the Russian govt previously for supporting Ukraine in this war.


When did Russian troops invade Ukraine?
Due to the fact 2021 there have been some bilateral troubles in between the two international locations. These tensions escalated, and Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Who gained the Russia-Ukraine war?
The war is not yet around.

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