SEO Competitor Analysis: Discover Your Competitor’s Keywords

All the searches on the search engines are based on the keywords (words which a user type when you look for any service or information). Search engines algorithm matches those keywords with the stored information and provides the results when you type any keyword in the search box.

Now here keywords analysis is very much important, You must be thinking Why. If you have a website and nobody is visiting your site through search engines, it’s worthless because users depend on the search engines to find relevant information or services.

Now it’s mandatory for you to have such keywords within your site content which users look for to find that particular services or products. Example – If you running a car amplifiers product website then you must have car amplifiers related keywords within content which exactly users search for to buy car amplifiers.

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Keywords should match your products or services because if you have not right keywords on your services or product page user leave the website. Example – If you are selling brand new Mercedes Car on your website then you must have “brand new mercedes car “ keyword on your website not “used mercedes car” because this keyword might give you visitors but not sales.

How to find right keywords for your client website?

There are lots of effective ways to know about right keywords for your website, here are the list:


It’s initial phase of keywords analysis because here you have to think about what are the exact keywords which match with your website services or products. Think like a customer who looks for such services and products and make a list of keywords, discuss with your friends, colleagues and industries people. When you collected all the raw information make a list of such keywords.

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#Client Discussion

I hope you agree with me that your client knows more than you about customer behavior. It is better you discuss with your client to know about the users who exactly look for their services or products. During the client discussion you get the clear picture of the products and services client exactly offers and the user behavior based on the product line.

#Competitors Website Analysis

After completing above phase you have collected a raw list of keywords, above two phases exactly give you the understanding of your service verticals on which you have to find out the right keywords. By searching on search engines and by asking your client you get to know who your client’s competitors are. Now it’s time to review your competitor websites i.e. what kind of keywords they have targeted on their websites to provide or sell such services or products because they are already in top and getting good business through the search engines. By reviewing their Meta Tags or content you can find out the kind of keywords they included.

#Online Site Review websites

There are few quality websites available on the net which provide you insight view of site targeted keywords. You can do some analysis there to find out which keywords exactly give traffic to your competitors. Example – and are the best sources to get such keywords list.

#Keywords Research Tool

This is the major area where keywords research experts use their mind to find the keywords list but they forget the above mentioned steps, here they lack to find the exact customer centric keywords list. There are lots of keywords research tool available which give you list of keywords based on your search term. We, professional digital marketing services agency in Texas ( also prefer the below given keywords research tools available but few of them are good –

  • Wordtracker
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Google Insight
  • Google Trends
  • UberSuggest

from my point of view these tools are enough to do keywords analysis.

#Implementation of Synonyms

Implementation of synonyms words within content or Meta tags gives you opportunity to beat the competition because search engines gives value to synonyms when they show the results on searched query. Example – You can use Buy Laptops in place of purchase laptops both are the similar things.

I hope these suggestions will help you to find conversion oriented keywords list for your client and you are able to give them valuable traffic.

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