Shin Ultraman Blu-ray and DVD Has 100 Minutes of Bonus Footage

The bodily media launch of Hideaki Anno’s Shin Ultraman “reboot” film is coming in the spring of 2023. An put up on the film’s official account declared that the Blu-ray (BD) and DVD version of Shin Ultraman will get there on cabinets in Japan on April 12, 2023. The motion picture first debuted in Japan on May 13, 2022. It premieres in US theaters in January 2023.

The Shin Ultraman BD and DVD launch arrives in several variants:

  • Normal 2-disc established (BD/DVD) – 4,180-5,280 Yen (about $32-$40 USD)
  • Blu-ray Special Version 3-disc set – 7,480 Yen (about $57 USD)
  • Blu-ray Exclusive Edition 4K UHD Blu-ray 4-disc set* – 9,680 Yen (about $73 USD)

*The fourth disc is a 4K UHD Blu-ray of the movie, but the written content is normally the same as the 3-disc set.

In all deals, the second Shin Ultraman BD or DVD contains around 100 minutes of bonus footage. The footage is composed of:

  • A 3-aspect unique report
  • Promotional clips
  • Commercials and trailers
  • Mefilas clip selection
  • Zarab clip relationship
  • Zoffy and Zetton clip collection
  • Tunes movie of Kenshi Yonezu singing the Shin Ultraman concept music
  • Footage from the pink carpet premiere
  • A special “The Start of Shin Ultraman” featurette
  • Footage from push situations and phase presentations

On top of that, all packages appear with a serial code redeemable on the Tsuburaya Imagination support. The code unlocks minimal obtain to archived Ultraman episodes showcasing kaiju and aliens from the movie, like Neronga, Gabora, Zarab, Mefilas, and Zetton.

The 3-disc and 4-disc Shin Ultraman BD sets have a next bonus footage disc containing even extra featurettes:

  • The Creating of the Movie ~The Room Concerning~
  • CG modeling aspect
  • VFX Breakdown
  • Shin Ultra Fight (all episodes)

Of certain note is Shin Extremely Fight, as it is a Tsuburaya Imagination-exceptional mini-collection. Spinning off from the movie, Shin Ultra Struggle was arranged by the Shin Ultraman staff members, together with Hideaki Anno. It is 1970 Tsuburaya series Ultra Fight, which was conceived as a “zero cost” software designed to cater to folks who just want to see fight scenes. Related to present day supporter-produced “battle edit” videos that pit two characters from just about every other by mashing up their battle footage, Extremely Fight made use of edits of current footage and nominal-spending plan shoots working with existing costumes to produce new, lower-price tag content. Shin Extremely Combat does similar points with the large CG used for Shin Ultraman by making use of uncorrected movement-capture data, placeholder textures, and even recycled digital property to get that “budget production look” down intentionally.

The Blu-ray and DVD variations of Shin Ultraman arrive in Japan on April 12, 2023. International release programs have not yet been declared.

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