Shredder’s Revenge Gets Custom Arcade Manner in Hottest Update

teenage mutant ninja turtles shredder's revenge

Publisher DotEmu and developer Tribute Video games have released a new update for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, bringing a range of new characteristics to the activity. The major highlight of the update, on the other hand, is the addition of the new Custom made Arade manner. Test out the patch notes below.

Personalized Arcade mode harkens back again to times of actively playing beat ’em ups on arcade devices by introduing customisation to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge by the use of dip switches. Basically, the method enables players to deeply personalise 11 aspects of the recreation. For example, the capacity for taunts to create Ninja Electric power can be disabled.

Other elements of the recreation are largely concentrated on bug fixes and the addition of new video filters to the recreation, together with CRT and VCR filters for enthusiasts of retro aesthetics in their games. Bug fixes variety from insignificant excellent of everyday living advancements to bugs that could possibly be match-breaking, which include Arcade method crashing when changing issue, or the injury dealt by cars ignoring armor.

NEW Capabilities


  • A new Arcade method is in this article: Tailor made Recreation! Just like an true arcade equipment: customize your sport experience applying DIP switches: totally free play, old-college Super Attacks, speedier enemies, no additional taunts, and numerous additional! You can see the customization in the lobbies of Custom Video games. Achievements’ progression and unlocking is disabled in Custom made Video games.

On the web

  • In the Character Pick out menu, the host can now established a maximum selection of players for the lobby.


  • Included come awesome filters: CRT (standard or curved) and VCR! Test them out in the Solutions menu.



  • Fastened exceptional crash in Arcade method when transforming problem.
  • Automobiles can no extended offer huge harm when the participant is thought of Armored (for case in point: charging a Significant Swing).
  • Mounted bosses from time to time not able to access a player positioned at the quite major or base of the phase.
  • Preset bosses from time to time frozen after currently being hit by Raphael’s Super Traveling Attack.
  • Mounted Score not retained for player when switching character after a continue.
  • Fastened April’s Super Flying Assault at times seemingly reviving KO’ed enemies.
  • Fastened reviving a KO participant in the vicinity of the transition level (for instance: escalators in the Crystal Palace Shopping mall) that would from time to time avoid progression.
  • Mounted updating the timer for unique statuses (for example: Infinite Ninja Power) when KO or in a cutscene.

On line

  • Guest players can now rejoin the exact hosted recreation.


  • Fixed input not properly assessed when picking out between Backflip or Roundoff when turning all-around.


  • Mounted scarce tender lock taking place in the Environment Map if the user accomplished Stage 8 after ending Phase 10.



  • Taunt now only fills up the to start with Ninja Electrical power bar.
  • We no for a longer period very clear totally accrued Ninja Electrical power bars when KO on Chill problems.
  • Carrying out a throw now grants the player invulnerability.
  • Extra additional feedback in the HUD when making an attempt to do a Tremendous Assault without plenty of Ninja Power.
  • Numerous smaller animation tweaks had been designed to all bosses, typically to make attacks less difficult to browse.
  • Preset Dirtbag’s dig holes collision detection that was as well extensive and deep.
  • Lessened the selection of enemies spawned in Zorax’s stampede and the frequency of stampedes. Zorax also has a bit much less health when going through numerous gamers.
  • Rat King now does Pied Piper significantly less regularly.
  • Enhanced the Super Shredder combat in several smaller methods for a smoother pacing and tweaked some harm values. His grab is now employed far more routinely and is extra successful, however. Bummer dude!
  • Enhanced Statue of Tyranny pacing and tweaked some injury values.
  • Mom Mouser has a new chunk animation to differentiate the charge chunk from the idle bite, to give gamers time to react.
  • Mouser Product 3 and Mother Mouser are now acting a little bit speedier.
  • Radical Method damage multiplier is now utilized to all throws, Tremendous Dive Attack, and billed Hefty Swing.
  • Preset players at times slipping outside of the display screen regularly when respawning, at particular spots.

On the net

  • Additional a Refresh button to the foyer search list.
  • We enhanced the way the Arcade score is calculated: we now file each and every player independently, even if they go away the game.


  • Corrected or enhanced a few strings in Spanish, French and German.


  • The video game will keep in mind if How To Engage in was noticed before, individually in Tale and Arcade modes as they differ.
  • Improved the prompt to reset your story and character development.
  • Pause menu in Arcade method now demonstrates the overall enjoy time.


  • Steam Input: improved support for PS5 controllers.

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