Shrikant Tyagi Arrested: 25 thousand rupees reward Shrikant Tyagi arrested, sister gave this statement on her proximity to BJP leaders

Shrikant Tyagi Arrested: Politician Shrikant Tyagi (Shrikant Tyagi) arrested from Meerut with a reward of 25 thousand rupees for indecent with a girl in Grand Omaxe Modern society, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. has been performed. On his arrest, his sister Rashmika interacted with the media.

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Rashmika said on the arrest of her brother that the whole family is happy with this. Because now everyone has seen their child safe. which he did wrong. Police will take action against him. He himself appealed to cooperate with the police.

Rashmika also told that there was no conversation during the brother’s absconding. She, parents, sister-in-law and children are there in the society. Out of all the 5-6 people, no one has spoken. Regarding the language of the viral video, Rashmika said that  The language of the video is not a justifiable thing. The public should pay attention to what finally happened in the video, why did it happen?

Planning video

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Say this on the people of the society

Rashmika said about the people of the society that how these people turn around. Noida police say hi in the night and in the morning that Yogi has a secret. We feel that if brothers had apologized earlier, then all this matter would not have escalated.

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