Side Sleeping – The Most Popular Sleeping Position

Why Side-Sleeping Is So Popular

Ever found yourself with serious back pain when you wake up in the morning? Part of the reason for that can be related to the way you sleep. The best positions for back pain alleviation are either on your back, or on your side. However, if you don’t arrange your limbs right, you can easily have unwanted pain.

For side-sleeping you want two things: the right sort of mattress, and perhaps a firm pillow to rest between your knees. Without the pillow, the weight of your legs will pull on your pelvis, and that can be rough on people with certain back issues. The pillow alleviates that stress, and helps you get relief from general back pain.

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Sleeping on your back is best, but sometimes certain physiological shapes can put pressure on your spine. Such pressure has a very negative overall effect, and certainly deserves to be addressed. The problem is, some people have trouble getting to sleep in any position, so there are additional factors to consider.

Here, we’ll cover a few things you might want to consider to get the best night’s sleep, including nutrition, exertion, and finding a better mattress for side-sleeping.

1. Nutrition

There used to be comic strip published in newspapers called Dream Of The Rarebit Fiend. This comic eventually served for the basis of a film called Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. The movie is much different than the comic strip, but the genesis of that strip is what’s important for this section of writing: what you eat contributes to how you sleep.

Rarebit Fiend was all about a midnight snack like a piece of cheese—a “rarebit”—causing someone to have strange dreams as digestion impacted the mind. That was the core of the humor in the strip. However, it turns out your diet before bed can contribute to how you sleep. Eating a big bowl of spicy chili can give you heartburn at night, causing you to sit up.

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If you fall asleep in the sitting position, that can lead to cramps, aches, and pains—sometimes in your back. Accordingly, one way to keep your back from hurting late at night is to avoid midnight snacks, or eating past five. This will reduce things like acid reflux, keeping you from being kept awake by heartburn all night.

2. Exertion

Diet and exercise represent the best possible ways to get in shape and stay in shape. A good amount of physical exertion is also a wise way to assure you not only sleep through the night, but do so comfortably.

Part of the reason people have back pain at night is musculature becomes “loose” owing to a lack of exertion, failing to provide the spine proper support. Exercise fixes this, and even helps you fall asleep faster owing to your need for recuperation.

3. Side-Sleeper Mattresses

Side-sleeper mattresses are designed for those who prefer this type of rest, and they’re becoming incredibly popular. In point of fact, side-sleeping is such a popular way of resting that mattresses have even been developed specifically for that kind of repose—in fact, Real Simple has announced a line of side-sleepers. It could be in your interests to sleep this way.

Getting A Solid Night’s Sleep Every Evening

A side-sleeper mattress, avoiding food after five in the evening, and regularly working out represent three of the best ways to get a more full night’s sleep and preserve your back from avoidable pain. As we age, our ability to manage such pain will naturally reduce; but if you’re proactive now, you can stay fit—and enjoy the comfort accompanying that fitness—longer.


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