Significant Web Traffic Matrices to Observe

If you are running an online base business then your web presence is the key to attract maximum number of clients. You need to present your all products or services in a proper way with attractive offers and discounts to your visitors to get more business out of it. It’ll give you lots of traffic to your website and a healthy business to make your yearly revenue better with time but, it’s so important factor to measure your web traffic to understand the conversion rates. If you have 10k visitors per day and you are able to convert only 5 people in a month then there no points to have this huge visitors in your website. There is something wrong happening and you need to know about it to rectify your mistakes and overcome from the dip-down situation.

Here in this article I’m going to tell you about some significant web traffic matrices which can help you to track your visitors on the right track. So, let’s start.

Web Traffic Sources

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Keeping a regular track report of your visitors can help you to determine about the volatility of traffic. You’ll always notice both the increase and decrease of your traffic according to your SERP position of major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Once you got the report then you have to check analytics tools for the sources. If your maximum visit comes from social media post and sharing then you need to focus on that particular segment to enhance your traffic flow to your website.

Measure Returning Visitors

New and fresh visitors are the best thing for your business growth but you have to check if there is any returning visitor there or not because, there is a high chance of conversion in returning visits. It means they visit your website for first time and leave to search other services like you and now he visit your site again to close the deal. So, there is always a high chance of business in returning visits and you must have a track report of ratio of your fresh and returning visits.

Average Visit Time

Measuring the time visitors spend on your website is a curtail matter for you but its very complicated matter also. There are many aspects about why a visitor visits your website. He can read your content to gain knowledge, just want to see your product and pictures or he like your service and want to hire you for his work. Now, it is not possible to measure after seeing this kind of average time report but you can have an overall idea about why people are visiting your website.

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Page Bounce Rate

Page bounce rate will show you the landing pages of your visitors. You have to keep your watchful eyes on this analytic segment to give some extra effort on that particular page to impress your visitors. Your bounce rate will go up with the sticking of only one page but it’s better to have below 40% to maintain a healthy customer value of your website.

Keeping a record of your web traffic matrices is not an easy task. Seems it’ll not go to boost any of your working part itself but it’ll help you to understand the SEO movement of your website. In Click Optimisers, we are always ready to help people out from their difficulties in SEO works and progress. You can freely contact with us at in[email protected] if you need any assistance from our ends.

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