Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Vape Coils & How to Improve Their Lifespan

Do you know when it’s time to replace your vape coils? Are you new to vaping and don’t know when to change your coil? Or are you looking to up your vaping game and take it to the next level?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you’ve come to the correct spot. Always keep in mind that the coil is a vital component of your electronic vaporizer and might have an impact on your smoking experience.

What is a vape coil?

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The essential component of vaping devices is the coil, commonly known as atomizer heads. It warms the vape juice and produces more vapor for you to inhale.

The vapor coils are composed of a porous and resistive substance that warms the e-liquid in the tank and converts it to vapor.

On the other hand, each coil has its own lifecycle, which is determined by the amount of time and frequency of use.

vape coil

Symptoms that your vape coil should be replaced

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There are a few indicators that your vape coil needs to be replaced:

  • You have a burning sensation in your mouth.

This is one of the most typical indications that your coil has failed and has to be replaced. If you’re vaping and you’re getting a burnt flavor, no matter how much e-juice or mods you try, your vaping coil has to be replaced.

Replace the coil as soon as possible to avoid harm to other parts of your vaping equipment.

  • When you’re vaping, you’ll hear gurgling sounds.

Although this can occur for a variety of reasons, the vape coil pack is always the primary culprit because e-cigarettes do not produce gurgling sounds. If you hear gurgling sounds when vaping, it’s a sign that your coil isn’t working properly. 

  • The e-cigarette has a leak.

A leaking e-cigarette can occur for a variety of reasons, but it most commonly occurs when the coil is damaged or fully burnt out. Make sure to inspect the coil before looking at additional options for e-cigarette leaks.

  • The flavor of e-juice is unpleasant.

Another indicator of a coil replacement is that your e-juice does not taste the way it should. This is the time when your coil does not perform normally and necessitates replacement.

So, whether you need a vape coil replacement or a Vape kit, simply go to Flawless Vape Shop online store since they sell high-quality vape replacement coils at a reasonable price.

How to Improve Their Lifespan

There’s no denying that vaping is far less expensive than smoking. It’s also healthier for you. However, once you’ve become used to the low expenses of vaping, you’ll notice that one item, in particular, can end up costing you more than usual: vape replacement coils.

vape replacement coils

Here are a few things you can do to Improve the Lifespan of the Vape Coils:

  • Limit Your Sweet Flavour Options

There are a variety of sweet e-liquid flavors on the market that are worth trying. There’s something for everyone, from desserts to drinks to fruits. These flavors are frequently wonderful and thirst-quenching, but they come at a cost to your coil’s longevity.

While you don’t have to give up your favorite flavor, it’s worth noting that the reason your coil isn’t lasting as long as it should be could be due to the sugar clogging it up.

  • Stop Chain Vaping 

Are you a fervent vaper who enjoys taking multiple deep drags in a short period of time? That vaping style could be linked to a short coil lifespan. The wick in the coil struggles to keep up with the volume when you vape tank coil replacement quickly. By waiting 30 seconds between puffs, you can lengthen the life of your coil. You’re giving the coil a chance to recuperate and cool down by doing so.

  • Choose Products with Low Power Requirements

smok replacement coils

Choosing a new vape product is a thrilling experience. It does, however, necessitate deliberation over whether to choose low-wattage or high-wattage items. If you’re weary of replacing smok replacement coils in your high-wattage device all the time, go for a low-wattage device. You may also buy one of each and split your usage between them.

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