What is the difference between a single mattress and a twin mattress in Canada?

There is a clear connection between your sleeping habits and the functionality of your brain. Being sleep deprived affects the functionality of your brain. Sleeping is not an unconscious state. While sleeping, the brain does not respond to external stimuli as it does when you are not sleeping. However, the brain is still active. The brain produces some enzymes repairing the damage caused by free radicals. The brain also has a garbage disposal system to get rid of unnecessary elements in the brain. This also happens when you are sleeping.            

However, you need to get adequate and quality sleep for that. Sleeping position, bed mattress and pillow are the major factors affecting sleep quality and duration. While a wrong pillow can make your neck ache as your shoulder is not getting sufficient support, insufficient support from a mattress is known for causing lower back pain and if you are already suffering, it will worsen your lower back pain. You cannot sleep well on an unsupportive mattress. So, we can say that there is a connection between your mattress and the repair going on in your brain.  

Size, thickness, firmness, conforming ability, durability, support, temperature neutrality, motion isolation, odor potential, weight, edge support and noise potential are the important factors one should consider when one needs to buy a mattress in Vancouver. The standard size of mattress is likely to vary depending on the location. The standard mattress measurements in Europe are different from the standard mattress measurements in North America. We are here to tell you about the difference between a single and a twin mattress in Canada.

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A lot of Canadians are unable to understand the difference between a single mattress and a twin mattress in Canada.    

Single Mattress – how big is it?

A single bed is dimensioned to 39 inches by 75 inches. This size is ideal for one person. A single mattress is very convenient and comfortable for kids. Choose it when you are furnishing your kid’s bedroom.

Twin Mattress in Canada – How big is it?

Measurements of both single and twin mattresses are identical. However, a twin mattress is for one of a pair of single beds. A twin mattress is often used in guest rooms. This space is shared by more than one person. If you and your partner prefer sleeping together without sharing your bed, you should choose twin mattresses.       

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Twin XL is the most popular variation of twin mattress in Canada.   

Who should buy a single mattress?

A single bed is perfect for a kid’s room. These beds are also placed in a low-budget hotel room for three persons. These rooms are known as “triple” rooms. These rooms are affordable yet comfortable to sleep. If your guest room is not spacious enough for a larger sized unit, you can buy a single mattress for single bed placed in that room.        

Who should buy a twin mattress?  

Twin beds form a matching pair. You can find these beds and twin mattresses in a regular hotel double room. These beds and mattresses are also ideal for rooms shared by siblings.     

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