Essential Knowledge and Skills Every Hairdresser Needs

What makes a high-quality hairdresser and how do you make a client’s vision come to life? There are a set amount of generic skills that a hairdresser should possess, but for those in the creative industry, they are far greater. Some general skills include natural creativity, great customer service, listening skills, tidiness and time management. Hairdressing is not always just a cut, it is a piece of art from the artist who creates it or from the team who envisions it. To be able to call yourself a hairdresser, you firstly need to have a passion for it before any study should commence. Without love and a keen eye for hairdressing, skills learnt through study could not be perfected to their full potential.

A hairdressing course in Brisbane can also be something to think about when you are looking at achieving a high level of expertise. A course can build not only on hairstyling techniques, cutting and coloring, but also it is about being trained in how to perfect hair with special effects in productions and sets. With a recognised qualification from a quality provider, you can really improve your knowledge and skills. With guidance from industry expert trainers, knowledge such as good decision making, great advice, technical skills and dexterity will grow through the exposure of these experts.

Whether you are trying to make your way into the salon, film/ theatre industry or freelance work, there are quite a few standard techniques and knowledge needed. Many hairdressers may know some of these techniques already, but in particular, being a hairdresser, you can never stop learning and advancing. 

Some general skills to have and remember: 
– Handling chemicals

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– Precise cutting

– Great mannerisms 

– Physical stamina (to stand on your feet for long periods)

– Styling techniques and creativity

– Color training 

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– Washing of hair (with the head massage being extra important)
– Productivity and time management 

– Have fun and don’t forget to experiment

Want to be the best in the game and gain more experience? You can refine and grow your skills at ACCM as they offer a Certificate 3 in hairdressing. This hairdressing course in Brisbane will accelerate your career and expose you to industry standards. It is a course made for those in the creative industry but can be of value to all future hairdressers.

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