Social IRL 10M Maus – The Journey to 10 Million Followers

When it comes to social media, influencers and content creators, people often look to their favorite personalities for insights and inspiration. One such successful personality is IRL 10M Maus, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing content related to travel, culture, food, and many other topics. With over 10 million followers, the account provides a bridge between the regular and the extraordinary, allowing its followers to connect with people and experiences outside of their day-to-day lives. Here, we will discuss the journey of IRL 10M Maus and the lessons that can be taken away from its rise in the social media stratosphere.


The Beginnings


When IRL 10M Maus first began in 2016, it quickly increased its followers due to its unique content and captivating visual storytelling. Utilizing Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, IRL 10M Maus created a platform to share its travel stories, turning every post into a captivating journey into the life and cultures of the cities and countries visited. With friends and family as the main audience in the early days, IRL 10M Maus slowly but steadily grew its user base, all while providing quality content, insights, and inspiration.


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Reaching 10M Followers


Gaining traction, IRL 10M Maus continued reaching high-quality content and insights to its followers. Although challenging, the team behind IRL 10M Maus took the risks, pushing the boundaries of what a travel account could be. Unconventional approaches such as utilizing influencer marketing and using different platforms, particularly Instagram, allowed the account to broaden its following, reaching 10 million followers in 2019. The milestone is not just a testament to the account’s success, but also provides valuable lessons around creating content and developing a digital strategy for growth.


Growing the Followers


Despite hitting 10 million followers, IRL 10M Maus did not rest on its laurels. Instead, it continues investing in creating new content and pursuing innovative digital strategies. From using guest photographers, to collaborating with lifestyle brands, to running marketing campaigns and optimization on regional language accounts, IRL 10M Maus continues to look for new ways to keep its audience engaged.


The Impact


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Whether it’s learning about different cultures, discovering exciting travel experiences, or appreciating unique visual aesthetics, IRL 10M Maus’s followers have gained a lot from this platform. The account has become a source of inspiration, encouraging its followers to get out of their comfort zones and explore the world’s wonders. In addition, IRL 10M Maus has been praised as a hub of creativity, pushing the boundaries of what it means to travel, listen, and explore.




IRL 10M Maus has successfully grown from an unknown travel account to an influential platform with 10 million followers. Through creative content and careful digital strategies, IRL 10M Maus has generated an inspiring community, allowing its followers to explore the extraordinary in an accessible and engaging way. From new ideas, platforms, and marketing strategies, IRL 10M Maus has had a positive impact on the social media stratosphere and continues creating captivating content for its 10 million followers.




Q: How did IRL 10M Maus reach 10 million followers?


A: IRL 10M Maus reached 10 million followers by utilizing different social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. Utilizing influencer marketing, different language accounts, and campaigns, IRL 10M Maus successfully grew its user base while providing engaging content and inspiring insights. 


Q: What is IRL 10M Maus’s content?


A: IRL 10M Maus’s content is focused on topics such as travel, culture, food, and lifestyle. The account offers a unique and captivating visual storytelling experience, making its content inspiring and unique. 


Q: What impact has IRL 10M Maus had?


A: IRL 10M Maus has been praised as a hub of creativity, pushing the boundaries of what it means to travel, listen, and explore. Through its inspiring content and engaging visual storytelling, IRL 10M Maus’s followers have gained a lot from this platform and it continues being a great source of motivation.


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