Some Creative Selfie Techniques That Improve Your Photography

Nowadays clicking beautiful pictures and sharing them in social media has become trend. Learning how to give perfect pose for a perfect selfie is the bigger matter for the people. It is difficult to take a perfect selfie holding the camera yourself, but the technology gives us all the chance to enjoy our life. There are some selfie techniques examples that you can click holding your camera and phone. 

The Two-Handed Selfie:

When you are taking a selfie then you have two options, first one is holding a camera with one hand and the second option is holding a camera with two hands. It is easier to use two hands because holding the camera with one hand and push the shutter free the button with the other, so here you have to more cautious not to cover up the lance. But the other side if you use both hands and pull the camera away from your body then your arms can act as a frame. 

Ditch the Face, and Let the Feet Do the Talking:

If you think about the selfie then in your mind one think comes immediately and the thing is about the picture of a person. But selfie is selfie that may be any type like click a picture of your shoes or new pairs. You can take selfie of newly polished fingernails, dresses. It is not important what you clicking; the important thing is the creativity capture by you. 

Stand in the Light:

You should pose in the location where you find the beautiful lighting, that may be near window or the outside lights. In lighting you can able to take more beautiful and gorgeous selfie. Firstly you should hold your camera in front of your face and turn on your phone camera so that you can able to see your face and the focus on lighting at that time. Turning 90 degrees angle see the background and then notice the lighting and the background. When you find decent lighting and background then take the selfie. And if you are shooting indoor then you can use a professional ring light.

Use a Quality Selfie Stick:

Using a quality selfie stick is one of the great selfie techniques examples. This technique helps you to get rid of spreading arm like photo shot. You can see two types’ selfie sticks in the market one is Bluetooth and other is weird. The Bluetooth stick is much better than weird because it is faster, using easy that help you to take every time selfie without bearing any cord. 

Show Yourself in Water:

You can click a beautiful selfie to show yourself in the pool and showing your face above the water. You can make a bubble birth and lying down in the water you can take a short on your face that frame is bubbles. It is really funnier selfie techniques examples

Crop In Tight:

If your background is not good then you can crop your background take a perfect selfie. If you hold your phone closer to you then you can take your face closer to the lens and minimize the picture. Zoom your camera you can only take your face can reduce your background. 

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