Some Healthy Lifestyle Tips to fight Incontinence

Incontinence is a huge inconvenience for many people. It causes a lack of confidence in engaging in daily activities of life. There are a lot of ways to keep this situation under check. There are disposable pants available in the market for people of all age groups. They are very soft and comfortable and ensure a carefree day.

However, one significant factor that contributes to proper prevention is a healthy lifestyle. It helps a lot to minimise the symptoms and control a lot of issues related to incontinence. 

Other than the disposable pants, urinal substitutes are also there, which is a safe option for lack of urinals. Bed protectors are other ways where different types of waterproof sheets and pads are available, which keeps the surroundings safe in case of accidents. 

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This article will suggest some of the easiest tips to take care of ourselves. They are:

Daily Pelvic Exercise

Pelvic floor exercises are said to have a drastic change in the management of incontinence. However, one should always be consistent in these exercises to have proper results. Another thing to note is to do these exercises properly. Otherwise, it can even worsen the situation. 

Don’t Lift too much weight 

 Lifting heavy objects can strain the pelvic muscles of people, especially the older ones. Therefore, it is always better to avoid lifting things during old age. If it is still necessary, see that the pelvic muscles are tightened before engaging in the process.

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Smoking frequently can cause one to cough a lot. It can lead to strains in the floor muscles of the pelvic area. Smoking always causes a lot of other issues in the body. Therefore, it is always good to stop smoking. If it’s difficult to quit at once, always choose to reduce the numbers gradually. 

Lose that Excess Fat

Being overweight is a troublemaker in every aspect. The pelvic floor muscles are equally not spared of its consequences. They would be weakened, and incontinence occurs because of excessive pressure on the fat tissues of the bladder. 

One solution to this problem is to lose the excess weight. It can improve the problems associated with unexpected leakages. However, it is significant to consider one’s age while engaging in the weight loss process. Ignorant indulgence can have its consequences. 

Say No to Caffeine

Overindulgence with caffeine can irritate the bladder. It makes the situation a whole lot more difficult. It is always ideal to switch to decaffeinated drinks like fruit teas or juices. Fizzy drinks, green tea, regular tea, hot chocolates, and even energy drinks have a certain caffeine proportion. Therefore take care to reduce their intake also. 

Drink Water and Eat Right

Many people are hesitant to drink water when there is a prevailing situation of incontinence. It would only cause more problems like a reduction in the capacity of the bladder. It can also lead to constipation in people, worsening the whole situation. 

Always drink 6 to 8 glasses of water in any form every day. It should only be otherwise if the doctor says so. So consult the doctor for more information. 

It is also important to eliminate acidic or spicy food from the regular diet. It can include citrus fruit and certain curries that can irritate the bladder. It can make the symptoms worse. Always be attentive to the influence of one’s diet on one’s bladder systems. Change the diet plan or consult a doctor if you’re not sure.

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