Know about Source Code Whatsapp & Extending its Validity

WhatsApp is very popular messaging service for mobile that delivers more than one billion messages in a day and has some serious problems of security. We will also try to give analysis on some issues. In this article, we’ll highlight points related to source code WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a fastest messaging mobile app that is used for sharing messages, videos, and audios. It is used to interact with each other in the world. It is used in the entire world.

You can share with relatives and friends however you should have their phone number. It is like Facebook. You can make the group as well within a circle of known friends for the common chat. It is used to share messages, videos, and audios in a group with members.     The app is used to share locations & contacts.

Encryption/Authentication and Source Code WhatsApp Clone

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In August 2012, messages are forwarded through this service which is not encrypted, everything is sent in text format. While using WhatsApp in Wifi Network (public) anyone can use for outgoing and incoming messages, including FT (file transfer). Now company claims that new version of app or software can encrypt messages. But, a user wants to transfer it in plain text form. Now authentication is actually a security point. In Android, a password is MD5 ‘hash’ of reversed number (IMEI).

 Source Code WhatsApp Clone

Example, $IMEI = ‘112222223333334”  



If you’re using it on iOS device then address is:-


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Now username is user’s mobile number and an attacker knows the number. IMEI is obtained if you can access to cell number or when you can control mobile app which is installed on device. Now WLAN mac address is found with help of network sniffer. That’s really great. Congratulations, you can use WhatsApp. However, people have done great engineering job. PHP class is available that has everything required building WhatsApp and you need Source Code WhatsApp. It is also downloaded through millions of users in the world. it is very effective. It runs on PC. Its limitations is that app is downloaded free of cost for a year. When a year is passed, you’ve to pay some dollars.

To handle or overcome the issue of limitations you can use WhatsApp for long time. We can use following tricks forever. You can get it with installed WhatsApp. You should find out URLs to know more about code of this app.


$countrycode = the calling code of any specific country

$phonenumber = the user’s cell number

$password = same as mentioned above, for iPhone system use md5($wlanMAC, $wlanMAC), for Android use md5(strrev($imei))

You need to focus on WhatsApp UD-ID that has no issue with Apple’s User ID. It is totally different. You can use XML as well, if everything is in the right direction.

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