South Dakota May Ban Transgender Athletes From Competing In School Sports Events 

Transgender athletes in South Dakota, USA, can be possibly banned from competing in school events.

According to reports, athletes that belong to the transgender community could be banned from taking part in school events that match their gender identity after a piece of legislation championed by Kristi Noem, a Governor, was approved by the committee.

Noem, who is a Republican, lobbied for the bill and has been cleared through the Senate State Affairs Committee, which is also controlled by the Republicans.

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The bill received a lot of support.

A lot of people are concerned about this bill considering that it is discriminatory against transgender students and can be used to bully such students, but despite that, every single Republican in the Senate State Affairs Committee approved the bill.

The governor and the politicians that are supporting this legislation right now claims that it will be protecting girls that are  going to be competing in sports from transgender athletes who can be bigger, stronger and faster than those competing along with them in school sporting events. 

As of writing this, 10 states in the United States of America, who are Republican-dominated, have passed similar bills. 

Out of the 10, 2 of the states, which are West Virginia and Idaho, had the laws stopped by federal judges. 

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In different states, the Department of Justice in the USA has issued challenges to the ban and calling them out for violating the federal law.

Rachel Oglesby, the policy advisor of Governor Noem, released a statement about the ban while supporting it.

They said:

Allowing males to compete destroys fair competition and athletic opportunities for girls. Similarly gifted and trained males will always have physical advantages over females.

The high-school activities association has stated that they already have a fair competition policy in place.

They noted that they are evaluating participation applications from transgender athletes on a case by case basis.

The Associated School Boards also warned against schools losing federal funding in case they are found to have violated the rights of students in case an investigation is carried out by the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

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