Sovereign information — War and battles

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a activity that will need some abilities in building a armed forces and waging a war. To assist you in this task, we have compiled this short tutorial. Browse on to discover out how to thrive in the war and battles in Knights of Honor II.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign guidebook — War strategies

Appointing a Marshall

Knights, your named nobles, can lead armies. Only Marshalls can lead by default — other knights have to find out at the very least a single Marshal skill.

Marshalls are the knight class specialised for war and foremost troops:

  • Marshall can direct armies of up to eight troops, other folks only lead 5.
  • Marshalls have no off-map duties. Knights like Merchants have off-map duties like keeping trade with a country. Going to direct troops can take them away from this process, which is especially ruinous when you have proven potent trade ties.
  • Marshalls have the ideal entry to armed forces competencies and hence improve their troops the most.
Knights Of Honor 2 Sovereign War battles Guide

Marshals are a fantastic source of cavalry. Screenshot by Personal computer Invasion

When upgrading a Marshall’s abilities, pick these that fit your engage in style and country’s access to models the most. Amongst secondary competencies, the kinds that give obtain to more cost-effective unit replenishment are always good.

Knights can buy up to four military upgrades. The standard kinds boost source carrying capacity or unit dimensions. I favor the latter, due to the fact you can generally resupply in the subject by pillaging. Marshalls with Logistics III and a nation tradition of logistics can acquire four updates for their army rather than one particular.

Setting up an army

You never need to have a knight to use troops in a city. They will be a part of the province the defense drive when defending in a siege, but will not go on the campaign map. You require a knight to just take them into their military. By default, any town can only train peasant mobs. They are quite low-cost to employ the service of and preserve, but they’re also weak on the battlefield.

To practice greater troops, you need to have to assemble a making:

  • Village Militia not only increases defenses of the city, but also lets you to construct Militia, which are far better than peasants although also currently being fairly low cost.
  • Barracks are a necessity for creating any type of first rate troop, but not with no further expenditure in upgrades

Barracks are best designed in provinces that have at the very least a single castle attribute as they synergize perfectly. Entirely upgraded Barracks permit you to construct the whole light-weight troops line: light infantry, gentle spearmen, light-weight horsemen and bowmen, as properly as catapults. Bowmen are a good early investment: militia and peasants can not shoot and your knight presents you with a unit of elite weighty cavalry for flanking or harassing archers.

Royal Armory (and its updates) will be vital to practice the heavy varieties of troops, which are the ideal vanilla troops you can get. Relying on your begin date, your region may have access to exclusive troops — or deficiency accessibility to particular default units. Example: 12th-century Lithuania has no significant cavalry, but 13th century Lithuania trains the top-quality Boyar cavalry rather.

Knights Of Honor 2 Sovereign war battle guide tips

Targeted fireplace from several bowmen models can whittle down units quite well. Screenshot by Computer system Invasion

You can conquer provinces that grant obtain to exclusive varieties of troops. Example: Scandinavian towns will enable you to educate either normal Light Infantry or Viking Infantry which trades defenses for additional attack.

Our private choice is for armies that are 50% melee, 50% archers. Friendly fireplace for archers exists, but the influence is considerably less obvious than putting your troops into a disadvantageous situation. Catapult is a fantastic army update as it outranges archers and at least utilised to be superior for aggroing AI.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign tutorial — Battles recommendations

Battling a struggle

During battles in Knights of Honor II, your army will be arrayed at one conclude of the battlefield, and the enemy’s at the other. There will be a single or extra capture details per military, represented by camps.

Unexpected victory can be realized by:

  • Killing the past enemy typical (destroying the overall cavalry device).
  • Capturing their seize factors even though avoiding the enemy from carrying out the identical to you.

Some swift guidelines for Knights of Honor II battles:

  • Maintain your troops in a line, with archers powering the melee units.
  • Captured details are transferred to the new proprietor: speeding the enemy factors without the need of safeguarding your very own will basically result in you investing map sides.
  • On maps with hills in the center, the AI pathfinding will send out about ¼ of your forces on the incorrect side – continue to keep them all together.
  • Spear defeat cavalry, swords defeat spears, cavalry beats swords.
  • Archers are hazardous to infantry, but cavalry will try to eat them for lunch.
  • Device and force morale: some variables appear from the marketing campaign map (battling on pleasant lands, working out of provides), other individuals on the battlefield (outnumbered or flanked).
  • Repairing models with infantry and then making use of cavalry to demand them in the flank or the rear is the most effective tactic.
  • When a unit breaks, they immediately begin working away from the battlefield and you can not quit them. Their designs modify into white-shirted peasants and they turn into uninteractive
  • If you shed, the army is wiped out and the standard is either killed or captured.
  • Retreats – both of those on the discipline and on the marketing campaign map – will trigger casualties, but that is preferable to a total wipe.

Battling a siege

Siege battles increase partitions and towers to the map. The seize point of the siege defender are inside the fortifications. Initiative is a mechanic exclusive to sieges. The aspect that initiated the struggle is on a timer — they lose if this runs out. To end the timer, the forces have to actively have interaction the enemy and go just after their targets.

Knights Of Honor 2 Sovereign war battle tips

There are additional sleek strategies to group a wall. Screenshot by Laptop Invasion

Infantry often have ladders to scale the partitions, in which they can capture the immediately firing towers. Cavalry just cannot climb partitions, but they can capture unguarded/uncontested gates and permit themselves in. You can endeavor troops to go onto the walls and struggle the enemy there, even if the pathing is tough.

Battling a war

After war is declared or joined in Knights of Honor II, any of your knights on missions to enemy international locations will be imprisoned — and vice versa.

Up to two armies per aspect can combat in a struggle. A battle can be autoresolved or commanded manually:

  • Autoresolving normally takes a large amount of marketing campaign map time.
  • Preventing manually in RTS transpires instantaneously as significantly as marketing campaign is involved.

The game detects armies established to boost battles or sieges — this will be proven on the interface. Thus, an army that would arrive in 200 seconds in the marketing campaign map will get there in 200 seconds on the struggle map. This stops sniping an enemy drive with two of your personal armies.

On replenishment: to replenish your models, you need to shift the army to a pleasant town that has more than enough of the local population. In addition to local pop, you have to pay back gold and recruits from the levy pool. To replenish provides, transfer to a welcoming city has to have sufficient foods saved and pay out for the resupply.

Knights Of Honor Ii 1

Graphic by means of Black Sea Games/THQ Nordic

There are two extra techniques to replenish supplies:

  • A service provider knight may well offer to organize a supply cargo. You have no management about when (or irrespective of whether) you are going to get this recommendation, and it may well nonetheless fall short.
  • You can acquire provides by sacking enemy villages/merchandise/etcetera.

Sacking enemy villages gains dollars, books, and materials. What you get is dependent on the symbols proven about the villages on the marketing campaign map. Gold cash usually means funds, wheat implies supplies, publications mean publications. Sacking villages goes in two phases: beating the defenders (not normally present in enough numbers to result in casualties) and then the real sack. You can cancel it at any time, but you will squander the progress.

Naval battles can only be simulated. Thus, only capabilities, traditions, and constructing chains can affect them.

koh2 battle tips

You can only start the siege battle soon after whittling down possibly the enemy morale or defense level down to 50%. Screenshot by Personal computer Invasion

When you click on on a town or a castle, you can see a circle close to it: which is the array at which they’ll attack enemy armies with (ranged). Control your armies so that they would shift all-around these.

Rivers in hostile territory are an impediment: armies will have to wait some time prior to crossing them.

Soon after conquering a city, you have to possibilities: get an military to put down the resistance (hurts the economy and global relations, may fail) or have a religious knight adopt the inhabitants (expensive in guides, funds, and tradition, may fall short, normally no downsides).

You can also wait around for a insurrection to break out and choose about the city, then beat the rebels in the industry, while this choice is mostly out of your manage.

Rebels and Mercenaries

Mercenary bands rove the map, at times tenting down near your towns. To interact with them, deliver a welcoming military.

You can:

  • Seek the services of specific models of mercenaries: this is a fantastic early resource of large units if you have the revenue.
  • Employ the service of the overall army to combat in your war: the costly possibility that provides you an AI ally, but significantly cheaper than buying all the units independently.
  • Seek the services of the overall army to crush rebels: more affordable alternative that offers you an AI ally that will immediately go following any rebels you facial area. Will leave provider as quickly as the final rise up is crushed.

Rebel armies will start out weak and have a compact bounty (~300 gold) positioned on them. If not defeated, the rebels will get much better units and accrue an ever-better bounty. Any one can hard cash in the bounty, so if you see that your neighbor simply cannot deal with it and you can spare the forces, you can ship an army to hunt them down.

Captured knights can be persuaded (much more high-priced centered on degree, may fall short) to guide a rise up in a state of your deciding upon. These kinds of a rise up will start with extra highly effective units and be loyal to you, but still under AI handle.

A neighboring province that is has loyalty to your kingdom might rebel and try to sign up for you.

Knights Of Honor Ii 2

Picture via Black Sea Online games/THQ Nordic

That does it for our tutorial on war and battles in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. Retain in head that not every thing will function out, even with the assistance. Practical experience is usually the finest trainer.

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