Spanish Subtitles Help Businesses Reach Over 40 Million US Consumers

America is home to the second biggest population of Spanish speakers, and it is thought that by 2050, one in three people in America will speak Spanish to some degree. 

Around 40 million people in America speak Spanish at home, so why is Spanish subtitle use still so limited in America? It could be because companies are not using professional Spanish translation companies, and so their inaccurate translation is not having a positive impact on customers. It may be because companies worry that the cost of language services is just too much, and the results simply don’t justify the investment. 

In reality, providing access to your services with Spanish subtitles brings in many benefits to your company without costing the earth. 

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Why You Need To Market To US Spanish Speakers

You may wonder if marketing using Spanish subtitles is going to be effective, afterall, most Spanish speakers in America can also speak English, right? 

Well, if you dig a little deeper, it’s really all about making a deeper and more meaningful connection with the US-Spanish audience. A study showed some really strong signals that Spanish language has a highly impactful place in marketing, and here is why: 

  • 80% of Spanish speakers in America do not feel they should stop speaking Spanish to be part of American culture
  • Over 85% of people in the study felt that Spanish language is a way to feel connected to the Spanish culture
  • Adverts specifically targeting Spanish people using Spanish language boost the respondents interest in buying the products being advertised
  • When those who speak more Spanish than American are online, they access videos, write and read using Spanish at least half of the time
  • The majority of Spanish speakers in America think businesses should reach out to consumers using both Spanish and English

So, whilst you can market using English, and you will reach some Spanish-speaking Americans by doing so, the fact is that for a deeper connection and to reach much more of the community, you need to use Spanish language. 

Why Spanish Subtitles? 

Of course, there are multiple ways that you can market in Spanish, including voiceovers, web translation, social media translation and more. So why Spanish subtitles, ahead of other methods? 

Realistically, you should be using multiple methods of reaching Spanish-US consumers, but Spanish subtitles are a really great choice if you want to target your marketing investment in a meaningful way. 

Subtitles can be used across advertising, digital marketing and PR videos really easily. They simply convert the English language instantly to Spanish, effectively making your content doubly accessible. By doing this you reach more people, you show your audience you are willing to make the effort to connect, and you diversify the areas in which you can apply your subtitled content. 

The only thing to be sure of when you use Spanish language subtitles is to use a professional Spanish subtitling company. This is because subtitles that are not correctly translated can actively dilute your messaging, or worse, damage your brand. Regular mistakes in Spanish subtitles could cause customers to see lower quality offerings from you, and judge your company more negatively as a result. 

Add Spanish Subtitles To Help Your Business Reach Millions Of Spanish-speakers in America

Foreign language subtitles really do have a place in your marketing efforts, especially with such a huge untapped market like the Spanish speaking community in the US. 

If you’d love to boost your impact in the US, why not get in touch with Matinee today, to create high-quality, accurate Spanish subtitles that actively boost your outreach. 

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