Squirrel Gets Stuck Inside Bird Feeder After Eating All The Nuts 

A greedy squirrel was rescued by an animal group after it was found stuck inside a bird feeder.

How did the squirrel get stuck? 

Well, the animal rescue group said that the squirrel got stuck after it ate all the nuts that were present in the bird feeder.

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Ruth Thomas-Coxon, an RSPCA Officer, was called to the rescue after the animal was found imprisoned in the metal bars.

In order to save and set free the animal, Ruth used wire cutters to free the trapped grey squirrel.

Talking about the rescue mission, Ruth said:

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This greedy boy must have gone in – even though this is a squirrel-proof feeder – and obviously he had such a good feed he got wedged and was unable to exit. Luckily his predicament was spotted or he could have endured prolonged suffering. He was obviously frightened but otherwise appeared unscathed from his ordeal – however he probably needs to lay off the nuts for a while. I freed him in situ, as we’re legally allowed to do, and as soon as he was free he made a quick getaway – which was good to see.

Following the incident, the RSPCA said that homeowners should frequently check their bird-feeders because other animals could also eat the food that’s present in it.

Ruth added:  

There are many types of ‘squirrel-proof’ feeders available, but it seems that a few could still trap wildlife. In this instance the resident did exactly the right thing – she was checking the feeder regularly to feed the birds and then when she found the squirrel stuck, she called the RSPCA for help.

The good thing is that the squirrel did not sustain any injuries during the incident.

Pretty hilarious, right? What are your thoughts on the greedy squirrel? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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