SSC Scam: Retaining Partha Chatterjee in custody is large for ED! These exclusive arrangements are being made for bathing and consuming

Parth Chatterjee’s weight became a problem
It has been told that bathing is a problem for 111 kg Partha Chatterjee, Parth used to take bath sitting on a stool at his home, so now the problem in ED It is on this matter that special arrangements have to be made for their bath. At the same time, Parth did not even wear shoes himself many times at his house, he used to wear some shoe. This problem is also in front of the ED. 

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Partha Chatterjee has always had a problem with weight, he has also had problems in walking for a long time or climbing stairs. Chatterjee is a diabetic and the problem of increased weight always keeps some problems or the other. Partha Chatterjee, the owner of crores, lived a luxurious and comfortable life, where he also had servants to bathe him. Memes are also being made on social media regarding the weight of Partha Chatterjee. 

help in taking bath
According to ED sources, Partha Chatterjee cannot take bath on his own, that is why he did not take bath for two days in ED’s custody. On being asked the reason, Chatterjee said that he is unable to take bath on his own and he needs special stool. After this, when the ED officials called a D Group employee of his own staff to help him take a bath, he also complained that the bathroom was small, after which he was taken to the bigger bathroom of the ED officials. Where not only in bathing but the ED staff had to help him in getting dressed. 

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