Steal fighter planes and just take 160 million, Ukraine luring Russian pilots, significant procedure busted

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Ukraine Luring Russian Pilots


  • Ukraine hijacking planes from Russian soldiers
  • Provide of up to 16 crores for thieving plane
  • Russia is monitoring its pilots

Russia Ukraine War: Russia’s intelligence agency FSB has claimed it has busted a plot to hijack a Russian Air Force fighter jet. The FSB has uncovered that Ukrainian agents are luring Russian pilots to return to their nation with the plane. There is discuss of giving up to $ 160 million for this. In this procedure, the intelligence company of NATO nations around the world is cooperating with Ukrainian agents. The FSB has also discovered that the agents of the Ukrainian Intelligence Company and their accomplices included in this operation have been recognized. Immediately after the disclosure of the procedure, the stability of all Russian airports and navy bases has been enhanced.

Not only this, but even the surveillance of Russian pilots and greater officers is getting performed. The FSB suggests that the Russian Federal Safety Provider has stopped an operation by the Ukrainian Protection Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate to hijack fighter jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The procedure was staying monitored by NATO by means of its particular companies, the statement claimed. Ukrainian armed forces intelligence officers are executing this on behalf of their country’s political leadership. He is hoping to recruit Russian military services pilots, and is giving rewards and citizenship of 1 of the European Union countries in return.

Journalists are also supporting

Ukrainian authorities have tried using to persuade Russian pilots to land fighter jets from their country’s airfields. The Russian Stability Provider claims that Ukraine is having wonderful assistance from Britain in this operation. It is claimed that Christo Grojev, government director of investigative journalist group Bellingcat, took part in the operation. The FSB learns that Grojev, with the help of a Ukrainian agent, tried to make contact with the Russian pilot in Moscow. He has promised to give $ 4000 in progress in exchange for hijacking the Russian plane and landing it on Ukrainian soil.

This funds is remaining supplied to the pilots, it is only the reserving payment. In accordance to a online video clip shared by the FSB, Ukrainian brokers have experimented with to bribe the pilots. The pilot was explained to that if he hijacked a Su-24, Su-34, or Tu-22 plane, he would be given $2 million in dollars. Not only this, but if this procedure is prosperous, then these pilots are also being assured of their protection and continue to be in EU international locations. The FSB claims that about a telephone contact, a Ukrainian formal exposed that big-scale air defense methods have been mounted to protect Ukrainian metropolitan areas.

Russia changed the reason of the war

On the other hand, Russia alone has changed its reason for the Ukraine war. As Russian artillery and aircraft assaults ongoing on Ukrainian cities, Russia’s foreign minister stated his country’s goal was to overthrow the federal government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. It appears that Russia has modified its purpose. Russian International Minister Sergei Lavrov’s remarks come amid an hard work by Ukraine to restore grain exports from its Black Sea ports. Resumption of foods grains exports will assistance in addressing the foods shortage in the environment. Speaking at the Arab League summit in Cairo on Sunday, Lavrov said Russia was decided to enable free of charge Ukrainians “from the burden of this certainly unacceptable routine”.

Lavrov accused Ukraine and its “Western allies” of spreading propaganda to be certain that Ukraine is “Russia’s all-time enemy.” “The Russian and Ukrainian men and women will proceed to be jointly in the potential, we will definitely aid the men and women of Ukraine to get rid of this regime, which is definitely anti-folks and anti-background,” he reported. Lavrov’s remarks are in stark contrast to the Kremlin’s statements at the start out of the war. Then the Russian authorities regularly stated that they have been not attempting to overthrow Zelensky’s government. Lavrov reported that Russia was ready to negotiate an agreement to stop hostilities in March by itself, but Ukraine transformed its situation and introduced its intention to eliminate Russia on the battlefield.

“Western nations emphasized that Ukraine ought to not negotiate right until Russia is defeated on the battlefield,” he said. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov talks with Egyptian officers on Sunday. Russia is making an attempt to escape sanctions imposed on Moscow by Western nations around the world for invading Ukraine. Lavrov is on the very first leg of his Africa excursion late Saturday, according to Russia’s state-operate tv network RT. Arrived in Cairo during the night time, he will also continue to be in Ethiopia, Uganda and Republic of Congo.

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