Stealth is just about everywhere in games, but the improvements of Thief have been neglected

A ghost wanders the flooded wine cellar of the abandoned Hammerite cathedral, talking backwards and spitting skulls. Haunts patrol the altar over, rattling their chains. When they give chase, they do so at breakneck velocity, as if performed back at double-pace on a VHS. Bizarre laughter seeps amongst their bleached enamel as they swing their swords, two or a few periods a second.

Which is all to say that, as well as getting the initially-ever Laptop stealth game, Thief: The Dark Task is a remarkably productive horror expertise. Yet additional terrifying than the restless undead are the really hard flooring. It is not the chittering craymen in the caverns beneath the opera dwelling that continue to keep me up at night—it’s the marble corridors that connect the balconies in the auditorium, and the metal walkways suspended earlier mentioned the phase. The clang of Garrett’s footwear against metal nevertheless provides about an involuntary, Pavlovian cringe—connected to reminiscences of operating guards and sounded alarms.

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