Step And Repeat Banner Backdrop – Perfect Goal For Better Business Output

Whenever you think of celebs walking down red carpets, you have envisioned them posing in front of a backdrop with repeated logo patterns. Mostly targeted as a step and repeat banner, this signage is pretty popular and used as background for photos of all kinds of events. Whether in met galas or trade shows, weddings, and even graduations, you can see the use of these banners more than ever.

These banners will offer a marvelous setting for the guests and attendees to take some pictures. For businesses, these banners will work as a double-duty as a non-intrusive and great way to advertise sponsors and company. You can get these banners now in multiple sizes and designed in different ways, based on their effects and what you want to achieve.

Ways to design the backdrop on your own

If you are planning out a DIY method to get hold of the best logo wall, then there are some simple steps you need to follow for the same. There are multiple patterns and styles to choose from, which will help you to understand the basics well. You even have the power to alter the design to match your own style well. 

The size of the backdrop:

Be sure to plan the final size of the backdrop first. Planning the size in advance is vital as it will help to create that banner well. For example, chalking out a 6 feet banner backdrop when you need only 5 feet one is not a clever idea. For that, you might have to redo the entire process just to fit the number of graphics in the requisite spot.

There are multiple tools available these days, which will help you to design and decorate a banner from the comfort of your home. One such tool is Illustrator, which is pretty simple to use.

Steps associated with Illustrator:

So, if you want to take this action of designing a backdrop on your shoulder, then using this tool might be the first step to consider. There are some simple steps to do the trick and then aim for the right option here.

  • At first, you have to visit the FILE section and then select the “New” option from the lot.
  • Follow the given instructions to create a step and repeat print. For a better result, you can aim for the color mode to be on CMYK.
  • You can upload the graphics into a canvas. There is no need to worry about the spacing or alignment, as the tool will do that for you.
  • You can further create multiple copies of graphics if you want, just to fit in the first row. For copying, just select the graphics and then hit “CTRL+C” and the “CTRL+V” for pasting.

Make sure to align the graphics or company’s logo properly right across the entire banner to cover every bit of it. There should be some space between the two logos to create a symmetrical look. In the end, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result you came up with.

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