Step by Step Guide to Buy Car Tires Online in UAE

Driving a car is now a common day experience we all have to go through, but it is the tires that make it smoother, safe, and comfortable. The reason that tires are being responsible for the safety and comfort is that these are the only parts of a vehicle that come into a direct contact with the roads. So, tires are supposed to be replaced with new ones to ensure sound grip and road safety.  

Buying tires from a local market is always a cumbersome job, specifically when you are new and have not been in such a deal. The online shopping has made it easier for the residents of UAE to place orders of car tires and get them at home address without leaving even their desks or coach.

If you have been facing difficulties in buying car tires online in UAE, you may find this step by step guide a useful resource. Follow each step to accomplish a successful purchase.

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Check when do you need new Car Tires

Tires usually have a useful life of three to four years. But, this does not mean to skip examining the wear and tear each year. The tread wear and lifespan of the tires depends on usage as well. The rubber deteriorates either you driver too much or rarely in a week. An average mileage can be 12000-16000 miles a year. You may need to consider replacing the tires sooner if you drive more than this.

Get to know the tires you need

Recognizing the needs of your car and driving styles is of utmost importance when it comes to buying a new set of car tires in UAE. Start with reviewing the minimum requirements in tires recommended by the car manufacturer.

The tires suggest by the manufacturers are usually optimized to carry the vehicle load along with its maximum load capacity, offer supreme traction, and better road grip than other available types and brands of tires. But, these are often all-seasonal tires that are not suitable to enjoy a smooth driving experience in UAE.

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Here, the weather is hot and dry all the year. Raining is rare in the UAE and snowfall is almost impossible. So, you are left with hot summer that runs all the year long. In this case, you need to select tires that are designed to perform better on tough terrains and hot weather for hours. Choosing Michelin tyres is a wise decision as they are known for multiple traits like durability, fuel efficiency, and safety. But, if you are okay with the existing tires you can find their replacement, else pursue a brand with more strength and durability.  

Browse the internet for the right tire size

The right tire size for your car is written there in the user manual provided by your vehicle manufacturer. You can also find these details on the placard pasted on the door pillar behind the driver’s seat.

The size is also written on the sidewall of the tires, but that may not be installed by the manufacturer as the car dealers or owners replace them soon after purchase. Once, you are able to know the right tire size for your car, log in to your favorite web browser.

You may find various online stores that have the facility to explore a massive variety of tires by a specific brand, size, or vehicle. Try each option to explore more options and find endless opportunities.

Selection by a popular brand will help you find tires suitable for your region and driving style, whereas pursuing the tire sizing recommended by the vehicle manufacturer will ensure the accuracy of the speedometer, smooth loading on the transmission, and even suspension on the wheels and other parts of the car.

Select authorized dealership of top tire manufacturers

The core purpose of dealing in new tires is redefining a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Most of the car owners aim to buy world-known tire brands for their cars, but they often end up buying the low-quality tires because of the non-availability of the famous brands.  

Unleash the power of the internet and find authorized dealership in UAE who have a close affiliation with highly-acclaimed tire manufacturers. Such tires are imported and may cost a bit higher in comparison to the poor quality tires made in China, but the durability and strength worth the money.

You can short-list multiple authorized dealers in your locality or across the UAE and ask for their quotation. Select the one that offers the most economical rates along with free delivery and installation as well. Ask the online tire shops for a quick doorstep installation service as well that may also be free with delivery. Make as much of your tire purchase as you can with a little bit research and wise decision.

Get them delivered and installed

The online car tire shops may offer a free delivery at home or to one of their workshops near you. Decide which one option may work better for you. Get the tires delivered according to your preferences and thoroughly examine their condition. Purchasing tires from a well-reputed store may never disappoint you. To save time, you can schedule an installation right on the tires delivery date.

Step ahead for your safety and the durability of tires by asking wheel alignment as well soon after tires installation. It is a common problem that may arise if the tires are not mounted accurately or not balanced with other wheels.


For any driver or car owner, road safety and a sound road grip on different terrains are mandatory to continue a peaceful journey or expedition. Taking care of you and your passengers are as important in the UAE as in any other state that’s why timely replacement of tires is always advisable to car operators.

The criteria of tire selection mainly focus the road safety, but keeping in mind the hot and rough weather conditions of the UAE, you may need to go a mile further in acquiring tires that are strong and powerful enough to beat the heat and challenging roadside conditions.

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