Stop-of-Year Eleven: The best MMO expansions and updates of 2022

How charmingly old world.

One particular of the underrated features of staying an MMO player is that our game titles get far more updates and expansions than almost any other sort of online video video game. So the lengthier a title runs, the additional content — and value! — is injected into it. Is there any rationale that we celebrate a really terrific update just as a great deal as a brand name-new match release?

And 2022 was unquestionably full of incredible patches, content updates, and expansions across the Mmog area. February was a noteworthy month with a slew of releases packed jointly, but the relaxation of the yr fared properly with dozens of releases spread out. So as we search back again at the 12 months that was, here are the 11 very best expansions and updates that we ended up presented.


Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

This year basically commenced with a bang thanks to a packed February comprehensive of releases. On the best of that heap was Guild Wars 2: Finish of Dragons. Using players to the long-awaited Cantha location, Stop of Dragons put a new spin on an Asian fantasy realm when also providing us skiffs, fishing, new elite specializations, siege turtles, and small private bots. Oh, and there was some type of storyline that bowled absolutely everyone more than, too.

New Globe: Brimstone Sands update

One of the significant tales this 12 months was looking at New World pull out of its calendar year-extended nosedive to really start off gaining populace and recognition. This culminated in a one particular-two punch of Brimstone Sands and a established of refreshing begin servers. The update revamped the reduce concentrations, extra a Greatsword weapon, and released the game’s to start with post-start zone. As a outcome, New Entire world commenced 2022 as a sad punchline and is leaving it with its head held large.

Earth of Warcraft Typical: Wrath of the Lich King

At any time considering the fact that WoW Classic’s start, gamers have appeared forward to the arrival of the MMORPG’s large-water mark. Wrath Typical produced this previous summer season, offering gamers all of the frosty Northrend, angsty Death Knights, and cranky Lich Kings that they could want. Now, the burning question on the Common community’s head: What’s up coming?

Blue-green complement!

Globe of Warcraft: Dragonflight

It is mad to seem back again and recognize that Dragonflight was announced, analyzed, and delivered all in the course of the very same calendar calendar year. The hottest WoW expansion has been nicely-received so much many thanks to its back-to-fundamentals solution (exclusively, the return of expertise trees), the dragonriding procedure, the new Dracthyr hero class, and a more alt-welcoming method.

Lord of the Rings Online: Ahead of the Shadow

While we have been at first doubtful when listening to of another LOTRO “mini-growth,” Just before the Shadow ended up becoming so significant that the “mini” moniker was not wanted at all. Including two new lower-level zones with an substitute epic storyline, producing big excellent-of-life enhancements, and introducing the delving problem technique for missions, this pack propped up a activity currently benefiting from the Amazon Tv collection.

Elder Scrolls On line: High Isle

At the get started of 2022, Elder Scrolls On the web players were being knowledgeable of a year to be put in island-hopping with the Bretons. The crux of this growth cycle was the release of Significant Isle before this previous summer time with a new storyline, two more companions, and a collectable card activity to even though away the hrs. It was one of the quieter enlargement releases of the yr, for absolutely sure, but it also kept devoted players busy with new adventures.


Closing Fantasy XIV: Update 6.2’s Buried Memory

FFXIV may not have had an enlargement this yr, but that simple fact did not signify that the Mmorpg was without the need of a significant release or two. Easily the most enjoyment arrived from Update 6.2, which released island sanctuaries for gamers to personalize and cultivate about time. It was not specifically a substitute for true housing, but the community took to it strongly all the similar.

Star Trek Online: Stormfall

My theory is that faster or later on, all MMOs should consist of some release with the phrase “fall” tucked in there. Also “rise of.” In any case, Star Trek On line received its convert this calendar year with Stormfall. This as well as-sized update included two new showcased episodes, a remaster of the Starfleet tutorial, the Coronary heart of the Storm occasion, and voice work from actors Mary Wiseman, Kate Mulgrew, and Chase Masterson.

Wizard101: Guilds and raids

Not only did Wizard101 open the doors of its Novus area this year, but the prolonged-working relatives-helpful Mmorpg added two style staples that have been lacking in the match considering that its inception: guilds and raids. Of system, this getting Wizard101 and all, those two systems had their very own distinctive spin and taste, but there is no question that it served to deliver the game’s loyal community together.

EverQuest: Night time of Shadows and EverQuest II: Renewal of Ro

I’m heading to cheat here and dole out a place to two distinctive expansions, but I believe in I’ll be forgiven. Just after all, Daybreak usually provides a late-12 months just one-two punch of EverQuest packs, and this 12 months was no distinctive. EverQuest acquired its 29th expansion with Night time of Shadows and seven new zones, although EverQuest II welcomed Renewal of Ro and a return to the Isle of Ro for unique adventures.

Misplaced Ark: Rage with the Machinist

It wasn’t just Missing Ark’s launch yr it was a massive patch yr for the game, far too. Standing out amid the lessons additional just after the spring launch was the Machinist, the sophisticated occupation that acted a full large amount like Iron Guy with a techno-suit and highly developed weapons.

Everybody likes a superior checklist, and we are no distinct! Excellent Ten ordinarily will take an MMO matter and divides it up into 10 scrumptious, entertaining, and normally informative segments for your snacking enjoyment. And for each custom, we’re cranking this column up to eleven with our once-a-year particular characteristics in the Finish-of-12 months Eleven!


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