Structural Integrity of Rubber and Bamboo Flooring

It is important to understand the aim of flooring prior to selecting material for one. This exercise is overlooked by many people as unnecessary whereas it is a serious issue. Take for instance rubber flooring it does not deteriorate with moisture is durable resilient and soft underfoot. It can be laid out in basement where at times the moisture content is high. It comes in amazing 100 plus colours to suit every surrounding.  It is expensive because of its quality and are lasting when used with care.

One other option can be bamboo flooring in basement. This type of flooring was introduced couple of decades back. Since then it has been popularly used. For basement moisture and humidity is in built even in the best constructed basement. Bamboo is a type of grass with low absorption properties. It absorbs less moisture and works well even in low quality constructed basements. With varying moisture content bamboo floors can expand and contract without causing damage to itself provided they have been well installed. There should be space given for expansion scope. Mostly expansion gaps are made at the perimeter. Continuous water in situation like floods, or leaks in geyser etc the bamboo may have to be replaced because of mould concerns.

Bamboo a naturally occurring organic material which is eco-friendly durable affordable and not difficult to install.  It feels warm and snug under foot. The engineered bamboo is sliced then shredded followed by pressing them together with glues and heat to get flooring boards. Vertical bamboo consistent striped appearance. Horizontal bamboo displays knuckles through its grain design. This type of flooring is most commonly seen. Strand woven bamboo blends the bamboo fibres in such a way that they are interlocked. This variety is costly for flooring. In its natural state bamboo is light in hue but it is carbonized to make its surface look dark.  Comparatively it is softer to natural bamboo.

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The pros of bamboo flooring for basement it is lasting but not all bamboo sheets are made with equal capability. So, it is best to check the warranty.  It goes with present day modern décor it has elegance which is inbuilt. Well finished bamboo is easy to clean using mop with mild soap. Bamboo floor can be refinished based on the thickness of planks.

The cons of bamboo flooring are likely to get scratch marks and other friction marks due to hitting.  A lot of humidity can destroy the structure of bamboos. It is not favourable with all types of décor.  The colour choice is limited.

In case your proposition is to install bamboo flooring in basement undertake the test to find out the intensity of moisture in the vicinity. Test is tape single plastic sheet on the concrete of basement for 72 hours. A hygrometer will give the correct value of moisture on the flooring.  In the second alternative calcium chloride crystals are attached below a plastic sheet and left for 72 hours. The weight taken after this shows the moisture absorbed. The third alternative is through monitor which is planted in the concrete. Leave it for 72 hours. It will display the moisture content. Once you have the readings of moisture you can decide on the flooring.

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