Student Information System and Its Benefits to Online Learning

Not more than 10 years from now it was not so easy to acquire education in any field and that too from anywhere. Students had to attend the class and go to the schools everyday no matter how far their school might be. Kids who used to reside in rural or remote areas were not able to get education properly. But as the digital revolution took place and the internet reached the palms and fingers of people of almost every area of the country, education reached to the kids and adults of all the parts of the country. Mobile played a great role in this process. Today almost everyone is connected to the whole world due to the internet in his/her mobile phone. And this very boon has facilitated the students a lot with the help of online learning. Today there are several apps, websites and organizations which are providing the students all the information, education and qualifications they used to acquire with hard work and suffering from the issue of scarce resources. Online education or learning has made education or learning easy for the students and today a kid from a poor family who lives in remote areas or in rural areas can also think of becoming a highly educated and literate personality to become successful in life.

School managements are these days introducing many technically sound and useful tools to help the students in their online learning. Gone are the days when schools used to keep the data and all the information of the students in their data storage in the manual format and used to suffer a lot while bringing out any information about any student. Today school managements are using the tool SIS (student information system) which is also known as student information management system. It is a software or a tool which helps to store the data related to the students. This helps the schools and educational institutions to make easy communication with parents about kids and information related to their kids. It includes a lot of important information about students like data related to their enrollment, details of payments of fees, their attendance, marks obtained in tests, syllabus etc. Earlier most of the educational institutions used to store the information in manual format but as soon as online learning came into existence most of the educational institutions started using SIS to ease their process of storing data of students, that too in a more systematic way.

If we talk about the benefits of SIS (student information system) or student information management system to the online learning then we can say that it saves the educational institutes to commit grave mistakes in making entry of important data related to the students and also from hectic paperwork where clerical department suffers from piling of papers and documents. One more benefit which comes here is it saves the costing of paper printing for storing the data as everything happens online. Also, it takes no place physically anywhere to store the data, instead a heavy amount of data is stored in a digital storage. Here what makes the whole process on finger tips is storage of whole information in one place where it becomes very easy to search anything that too in a very fast manner. Among the benefits of SIS, the most amazing one is, it is beneficial to tutors, parents and also students. Even students can ask help and guidance from their faculty on the projects given to them via SIS. Tutors also feel lightened to use it to provide information to the students. Parents get a great benefit that they don’t have to go to the school or educational institutions to update necessary information about their kids instead they are able to update it online through SIS such as their kid’s health reports, analysis of marks of the kids and also, they are able to provide their signatures on necessary documents and forms online whenever asked by school managements. 

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As an additional benefit, the student information management system is not only helping the school managements to store data related to the students in a systematic manner but also providing a way to the students, tutors and parents to become digitally sound and adopt online methods for every process in the education system.

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