Importance of studying Medicine in Caribbean Medical University

Caribbean medical schools are gaining popularity over the years for high acceptance rates of international students. With 99 percent USMLE pass rates and reasonable residency match rates, the Caribbean medical university provides world-class education with a cutting-edge academic curriculum. Medical schools in the Caribbean are also in demand for fulfilling the dreams of millions of medical aspirants with low MCAT or GPA scores. Mainly, this tropical paradise is a popular attraction for students from the United States, Canada and other parts of the world.

According to the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), at least 58 percent of students failed to secure admissions in the US medical schools due to the high GPA and MCAT scores in 2020. Thus, these medical aspirants prefer studying medicine at offshore medical schools to practice residency in the US or Canada.

With around 60 medical schools, the Caribbean provides a second chance to students willing to become a doctor in the US and Canada. Therefore, aspiring doctors must learn the importance of studying medicine in Caribbean medical schools.

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What is the importance of studying medicine ata Caribbean medical university?

The Caribbean is an outstanding destination for international students to stay and study medicine. As location plays an equal importance in the holistic development of the students, the Caribbean’s multiracial nature, picturesque scenery, pleasant weather and sea beaches offer an appealing environment to explore while studying medicine. Now, let us talk about some significant factors that increase the importance of studying medicine in the Caribbean.

  • Prepares for USMLE step 1- The Caribbean is home to several medical schools that are listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). Some top and leading medical schools in the Caribbean prepare students for the USMLE Step 1. USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) Step 1 is crucial for medical students to seek licensure to practice medicine in the United States. However, passing it is pretty tough as it is considered the toughest examination for medical students. Subsequently, the leading medical schools in the Caribbean have achieved a milestone of 99 percent in the USMLE pass rates.


  • Earn top residencies- The Caribbean comprises the world’s leading medical schools that strive for students’ success. Students with a medical degree in the Caribbean medical schools earn top residencies at medical centers across the United States and Canada. As Caribbean medical universities are dedicated to good residency match rates, it prepares students for USMLE Step 1 by offering basic sciences programs. At least 94 percent of medical graduates have attained a residency between 2013 and 2018, a top Caribbean medical school’s residency placements data suggests.


  • Globally recognized degrees- Another importance of studying medicine in the Caribbean medical school is that it offers internationally recognized programs. This means medical graduates with degrees earned in Caribbean medical schools can practice medicine across the world. Since the English language is the medium of instruction, students from any part of the world can study medicine in the Caribbean throughout the year via rolling admission policy. 

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Since you have realized the importance of studying medicine in the Caribbean, join the league of skilled and qualified doctors by enrolling in the medical programs today.

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