How to style your beds during the day to make them chic?

Beds should be comfortable and according to one’s taste and requirement. When the sun rises, most people don’t know how to decorate the bed and make it look more inviting. Whenever you see magazines and websites you may notice that the bed is arranged in a way it looks brighter and blends seamlessly in with the rest of the upholstery. 

What can you place on the bed to make it look better? 

A range of throw cushions, decorative duvets, and bolsters can look really good on the beds. You can try to use a contrast bed throw. If you have cotton sheets, then a bed throw of wool or felt can add textures. If you have light coloured sheets, then you can add a deep and rich coloured bed throw. A sheer bed throw with embroidery or organza with painted flowers sprawled across a double bed can make the beds look exquisite. The delicate colours of the flowers can add brightness and liveliness to the bedroom. The overlapping of floral patterns can look a bit tacky and should be avoided. 

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How can you match the rest of the soft furnishings with your bed? 

Matching your bedsheet with the rest of your soft furnishings may not always be an option. There are many ways you can add hints of the colour in the room to your bed. You can add decorative cushions of that colour and texture to the mix on the bed. You can also consider adding a few contrasting colours to the mix. Try aiming for the same colour, textures, and patterns. A king size bed can look stunning with a few patterns thrown in together instead of trying to make it look good with a mix of too many patterns and colours. 

How to maintain a relaxing tone in the bedroom? 

There are certain colours that stimulate your brain and make you more attentive. Such colours should not be added to the mix in the bedroom, especially on the bed. When you are looking to relax at the end of the day and want to have a calm and peaceful sleep, it is essential to have a calm and peaceful mind. Another way to maintain a calming atmosphere is to stick to solid colours instead of using a lot of patterns and textures. The cool colour scheme coupled with just one pattern can truly change the appearance of the whole room. 

The headboard can make a lot of difference

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Yes, it is true. The headboard of the bed can set the tone for the room as well as be the anchor for the bed. The headboard is essentially a transition between the wall and the bed. If you have a wooden headboard, then decorating the edge with small decorative items can make a lot of difference. If you have an upholstered bed, then you can match the bedding to make it look elegant and chic. 

You make your bed look great with very little effort!

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