Suggestions to Keep Away From Buying Fake Car Insurance

Whenever you think of buying car insurance online or offline, there is always a risk of being cajoled into buying insurance plans which are absolutely fake. You should be alert in this regard.

Buying car insurance online or offline? When it comes to such transactions, you should make sure that you are not being sold a fake car insurance plan. This will only equate to you being fraudulently stripped of car insurance premiums which you keep paying without your money being of any use when it comes to securing yourself and the vehicle in question. Even though insurance companies and regulators keep releasing warnings about being extra alert whenever one ventures to buy car insurance online, people remain vulnerable to these risks and fake plans which are cleverly packaged and marketed to them. This is one of the biggest problems plaguing the car insurance sector at present.

Insuring your car is something that is compulsory in India since this will cover any damages to third parties or their property while also covering damages to your vehicle, personal accidents and other injuries. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it compulsory for buyers to purchase at least third-party coverage for their cars prior to driving the car. The third party liability coverage covers damages to third parties and their property caused by your car while comprehensive coverage includes this component along with coverage for own damage which means that your vehicle will have coverage against any damages. There are several add-ons that you can also take including roadside assistance, zero depreciation and return to invoice among others which are popular amongst buyers as well.

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If you are a first-time owner, your car dealership may sell insurance policies to you or you may be directed to an agent. However, if the agent is not genuine, there are possibilities of you buying fake insurance plans. You should always verify the credentials and job profile of the agent prior to purchasing the car insurance policy. You should read the entire insurance document carefully in order to ascertain whether it is genuine or not. Since insurance does not constitute a primary sales activity for the dealership, it may not be aware of such fake policies being sold. When in doubt, seek a license to be shown by the agent in order to confirm whether he/she is genuine or not.

Several fraudsters have gone one step up and even impacted direct online purchases from car insurance companies. While you can directly purchase insurance online or offline from insurance companies, most people buy online due to more convenience involved in the process. However, you should make sure that it is the official website of the company that you are buying from and not a cleverly set up fake website. Call the official customer care number to confirm all these details before buying your policy.

There are several insurance aggregators online as well. These are websites which help you compare policies and you can always buy from these sites. However, make sure that you are comparing insurance plans based on prices and coverage alike. Make sure that you are buying from a recognized aggregator and also from the official website only. Whenever you venture to purchase car insurance, make sure that you do your homework thoroughly on exclusions, inclusions, coverage amount required, type of coverage and so on.

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