SUNSfan Hints At Controversial Announcement Following TI11 That Will Make The Local community Grab its Pitchforks When Once more

Even with Dota 2’s participant foundation rely slowly and gradually increasing all over again, Valve has been seriously criticized by the group for its mishaps with the managing of The Intercontinental 2022 (TI11). The Dota 2 developers have been criticized for the lackluster contents of the Battle Pass, betting sponsors, and the risk of a distant broadcast in Norway.

Nonetheless, the group might want to brace by themselves for a further disappointing announcement subsequent the conclusion of The International 2022 (TI11) with Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten indicating that but a further disappointment is correct around the corner.

“The pitchforks will be out, most likely” – SUNSfan talks about third party involvement

Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten and Troels Lyngholt “syndereN” Nielsen not long ago released their 167th episode of their have podcast, We Say Things. While the podcast generally focuses on SUNSfan’s most recent video game, Means Arena and the drama driving the voice line/stickers capsule, SUNSfan uncovered some intriguing tales about Valve and TI11.

SUNSfan began off by getting genuinely very careful about what he could say on the podcast regarding Valve, as he famous that there has been an noticeable lack of care for Dota 2 lately even with the recent updates to the match.

“Anyways, some issues that we can not converse about now are that we felt like there’s a absence of care to Dota 2 lately. Like, it felt like there had been a shift. I imagine there’s no f***ing issue about that. There’s been some sort of a shift going on at Valve.”

Whilst currently being thorough all over again with his terms on the podcast, the former founder of Electronic Chaos said that there will be an announcement following The Worldwide 2022 (TI11) by a 3rd occasion group that has no direct ties to Valve, the builders of Dota 2. He also mentioned that the announcement will make waves during the Dota 2 scene, lots of of which will upset the Dota 2 local community as a full.

“Being watchful yet again, there is news coming out after TI from, let us just say a 3rd celebration who is not straight related to Valve at all but when it’s introduced, it is heading to make waves as nicely. The pitchforks will be out most probably, it’s just like domino just after domino right after domino effect.” said SUNSfan

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[Relevant section begins at 24:34]

Next the ominous trace, quite a few within the neighborhood have begun speculating about the feasible announcement after TI11 as the announcement could worry the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) or even Majors.

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