Surprising Ways Printed Carrier Bags Can Help Your Business

Carrier bags are pretty much a staple in most bricks and mortar stores, but did you know that printed carrier bags, in particular, can have incredible benefits for your brand? Anytime you walk through a shopping centre, you’ll pass by potentially hundreds of printed bags from big brands and businesses, and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Here are five surprising ways that printed carrier bags can help your business.

Walking Billboard

Every time you pop a product in a carrier bag and your customer walks out, they become what is essentially a walking billboard. If you design your bags well, any person passing by your shoppers will be met with your brand name and what can act as a personal review as to the legitimacy and quality of your brand. After all, who would buy from a brand that sold poor products? Word of mouth is one of the most valuable tools in marketing and a printed bag can both act as, and encourage this without having to spend any more than you would’ve on a bag for your customer regardless.

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This is a bit of a given, but carrier bags offer practicality while shopping – it’s how you produce these carrier bags that will make the difference. While plastic carrier bags are often the first thing that comes to mind, environmental awareness has driven people towards utilising paper, jute and tote bags instead. A high-quality bag regardless of the material is practical and a form of advertising that more and more of your customers will willingly get involved with as a result.

Consumer Attachment

Did you know that providing high-quality packaging, including a carrier bag, can actually evoke a sense of attachment in your customers? Producing high-quality bags that give off a more luxurious feel can leave your consumers feeling special, even if it’s your standard packaging method. Studies suggest that receiving a well-designed bag as part of the purchasing experience can trigger similar feelings to getting well-wrapped gifts which, in the long term, can bring the customer back and improve retention rates.

Environmental Awareness

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As we mentioned before investing in printed bags gives you the opportunity to not only be creative with your branding but will open up the chance to become more environmentally aware as a brand. Whether you opt for biodegradable plastic bags, paper bags for lighter or food-based items or tote bags that can be reused again and again, you can reduce your businesses carbon footprint and attract a more attentive audience as a result.


Finally, offering your clients a high-quality printed bag gives off a sense of professionalism. Just as the leading brands in any industry use printed bags as standard, your business can draw on that connotation and appear more professional to consumers. You’ll become more and more recognisable in your local area and come across as far more prestigious and trustworthy in the long term.

Printed bags are a simple addition to your business model but offer undeniable benefits. Improve customer retention and change your environmental stance with well-designed printed carrier bags for your business and your consumers and stand out from the crowd.

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