Surrogate Mother Agency and Surrogate Mother Ukraine


It is a legal agreement where a woman gives birth to a child for another family or for another woman. People often choose a surrogacy when pregnancy is not medically possible. Surrogacy is one reproductive technology.


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A surrogacy agency is a one organization for those who enter the surrogacy process. This provides all or most of the services that people need. There is an agency called surrogacy agencies or leihmutter agentur which helps surrogacy journey for women to make it as stress free and easy for people, allowing to focus on what is most important for them like building family or helping to bring their child into the world.


A “surrogate mother”  is a woman who agrees to bear a child for another woman either for financial or for any other reasons because she is not able to conceive herself. Actually, she is called a substitute mother that conceives and delivers a baby for another woman who is the real mother of the child.


Surrogacy is of two types:

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  • Gestational Carrier
  • Traditional Surrogate

Gestational Carrier:

It carries pregnancy for an individual using an egg which is not the carrier’s. The egg comes from either the false mother or a donor. Same as sperm, it may come from the false father or a donor. Pregnancy is achieved by the surrogate mother through a process called Vitro fertilization 

Traditional surrogate:

This type of woman donates her own egg and carries a pregnancy for a couple. The pregnancy is usually achieved through a process called intrauterine insemination (IUI). This is through sperm from the false father.


It is the service that surrogacy agencies do to help the needed parents and surrogates to make their whole surrogacy case easy to handle. This interacts between all the other surrogacy professionals involved in the process like clinics and surrogacy surgeons.

Some services you may expect are as follows:

  • Services to find a loyal surrogate 
  • Make sure people in this are mentally, physically and emotionally ready for the process
  • Interaction between clinics and surgeons to make sure that every step is completed
  • It supports the ups and downs that occur during the process


Ukraine is a country where surrogate motherhood is legal. Many agencies and many clinics offer these services, and it is also called “rent-a-womb tourism” in Ukraine.Surrogate mothers are very easy to find online, through hundreds of websites in Ukrainian and all are loyal with their work.

Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is only available for married couples. The spouses should show that they are not able to conceive naturally, and at least one of the two must have a genetic bond with the newborn. It is the agreement between the leihmutter agentur and the couple. The couple obtains the Ukrainian birth certificate of the child and they are given full parental authority of the child, as the couple appear as the child’s official parents, but the surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child.

Surrogate motherhood is a great stress and trauma both for yourself and for the couples. This has made parenthood an option for people who don’t want to adopt a child, and want the child legally, from their own DNA. People often choose a surrogacy when pregnancy is not medically possible. Surrogacy is one reproductive technology. The legal process is very tricky, because of fertility problems or many other reasons but it is a very good option for the people who are unable to conceive due to some issues.

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