If there is one equipment that has not had the need to evolve into something totally new among all camping and trekking tools, they are Swags

Though, when it is rolled up, going by its appearance, you may think it is nothing more than a tarp and a sheet; once it stands erected, you will come to realize that it is a ‘zone’ of comfort by itself in the wilderness. Despite the unimaginably unique terrains hikers and trekkers here in Australia have been exploring relentlessly, the swag has managed to effortlessly adapt itself to all terrains. So in case you are looking for the perfect swag to accompany you on one of your ‘cold blooded’ treks, then you are in the right place. Read on to find out how. 

  1. Style Choices

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The customary country swag has been upgraded to several styles, and they all come with their own authentic purposes:


>Conventional Swag

The traditional swag is fundamentally a foam bedding with a canvas enclosing it. It is regarded as the most basic among all swag designs, which means it is feathery in weight, closely packed and can be folded with ease when on the move. 


>Dome Swag

Dome Swags come with curved poles to provide enough strength and increase shielding from weather, resembling the features of a tent. Since the inner space is ample in these swags, they assure greater comfort and ventilation. 


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>Apex Swag

Apex swags arrive with one end raised by a pole; they are considered to be similar to traditional swags. This unique design facilitates a quicker set-up, increased inner space and ventilation. 


>Biker Swag

For all motorists out there, this is indisputably the perfect swag. It comes with a close-packed design and is light in weight, making it all the more easy for you to stuff it in the cabinet of your bike and drive away. It serves as an ideal all-in-one resting equipment. 


  1. Comfort And Size Choices

After you are done choosing the style of swag that matches your adventure type, it is now time for you to make a selection in the Size and Comfort zone. 



Are you camping all by yourself or do you have your mate with you? Whatever the answer, you might still want to just stretch yourself all over the mattress after a hard day’s hike. In order to choose the most suitable swag size-wise, you need to consider the features of the swag. General sizes are as follows:


Single Size – 2200mm x 800mm

King-Size- 2100mm x 750mm

Double Size- 2250mm x 1500mm



The majority of the swag mattresses are made from close compact foam, which is available in various levels of densities. Based on the comfort levels you are looking for, the density of the mattress should be decided. Though it is very apparent that the denser the mattress, the more comfortable and supportive it is, the downside is that it can be heavy and cumbersome. A few choices in this regard would be:


Average Comfort: 40mm or Less

Standard Comfort: 50mm 

Luxury: 75mm or greater



Your swag will probably be taking a lot of beating, especially if the weather at your campsite is bad. That is why you are advised to choose the toughest and most supportive swag that matches your needs. Majority of swags are made of canvas because of the material’s natural resistance against wear-and-tear and rough weather. Still, it would be best if you take a look at all the auxiliary equipment after your choice is made. 


Healthy Maintenance of your swag pays back in the long run. So make sure you wipe all the dust and remains off the canvas with lukewarm water once you use it and dry it fully before putting it back into the storage. Remember that when you carry your well-taken-care-of-swag with you, you can always trust it to yield you a good night’s sleep when under the open sky. Hope this guide helps you choose the swag that fits your needs. 

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