Why Does Your Swimming Pool Need Coping Tiles?

You might have heard about pool coping earlier but haven’t got an idea about it. We have seen in ground swimming pools and it is great for your outdoor activities and recreation during the summers.  You can get the coping tiles in different colors, shapes, sizes and varieties. You can customize the tile colors as per the floor color of your swimming pool or else, as per the renovation requirements if you intend to do one. It is a great way to enhance the outer appearance of your pool and if you are thinking to enhance the beauty, you should read our article about swimming pool coping tiles.

What Is A Coping Tile?

Coping tiles act as a cap and it is used on the edges of the pool. Coping covers the sharp concrete edges and usually, it is mounted on the bond beam. It is usual that the water splashes out of the pool when someone swims around, but coping can help the water to redirect it to the deck drains, experts suggest tilting away from the coping from the pool.

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pool coping tiles

Nowadays you can find numerous materials for coping and it includes synthetic decking, brick or flagstone and others. If your pool is straight in length, it can be precast accordingly. You can also find many people to prefer round or curved pools, and you can find swimming pool coping tiles according to their requirements. The tiles can be in brick varieties and also in stone slab designs. Stones are the best components to choose if you have much footfall in the swimming pool area.

Why You Should Use It?

Swimming pool coping tiles can enhance the beauty of your swimming pool and it conceals the sharp edges at the same time. Moreover, additional benefits include a non-skid surface that enhances the safety of the swimmers and they can easily walk around the wet surface. Manufacturers are making new products every day and you will have a plenty of options for coping and edging. You might have seen pools of bullnose styles and such styles have become very popular nowadays.

Vinyl Pools

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Manufacturers have started selling DIY kits and packages for in ground pools nowadays. If you have a vinyl-lined pool, you will have different options like cantilever-edge coping, top-mount coping or flat-mount coping.    

Cantilever-Edge Coping

If you go with cantilever-edge coping, the foam forms will be secured on the top of the wall and a concrete deck will be prepared to make a deck on the edge of the pool.

Top-Mount Coping

Top mount coping is the most common type of coping for vinyl in ground pools. It is popularly known as C-channel and it is made from heavy aluminium along with an all-weather powder coat finish on the top. You just have to install it on the wall of the pool and you are done. These are the ideal if you buy the tiles for commercial pools.

coping tiles

Flat-Mount Coping

Flat-mount coping can’t be described as a technique of swimming pool coping tiles. It comprises the track to hold the pool liner and the coping stones are placed on the top. It is ideal for all types of swimming pools.

You can find many people who don’t like coping in pools. Nowadays there are alternatives where you can extend the decking over the edge and it gives you a different look. Swimming pool coping tiles improves your safety and gives a stunning look to the pool. You can now buy different coping materials from online portals. At the same time, with the designer books and templates, you can also call a coping expert and get the best designs to match your home décor to a more stylized version.

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