When you should switch back to the summer tyres?

Most of the drivers, including the well experienced fail to realise the different tyre designs and their connection to the seasonal shifts. This is far more important with winter and summer tyres, speaking of which, now that we’ve transcended from cold, darker winters into the peaceful yet warmer weather, is it the right time to swap those wheels with summer tyres?

When choosing between the known car tyre brands, it’s important to know the difference among the summer and winter wheels. Let’s have a look at essential details with additional insight on the right time to switch back from one set of tyres to another.

Summer vs. winter tyres

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The primary difference lies in their construction which includes absolutely dissimilar rubber compounds. Summer tyres are meant to provide optimum traction/grip on warmer roads and the same goes for winter wheels that offer strong grip on cold and slippery terrain. One of the easiest ways to spot the differences between both is by looking at their tread pattern.

That being said, winter tyres come with ‘sipes’; that are additional micro tread grooves on the tyre’s surface that helps to dispel ice and snow. And as you look closely, the difference is apparent with winter tyre on the left and at the right side of the summer tyres.

Here, it’s worth mentioning that winter tyres; though perform exceptionally on snow and ice surface; these aren’t typically what we can refer to as ‘snow tyres’. This is perhaps the reason why people across the northern Europe and other colder areas of the world hook with winter tyres. These are meant to perform best even at 7-degree Celsius and below.

Enduring the colder winters

For many different places around the world, recent winters has been the coldest and not to mention the imminent coming of “The Beast from the East”, it give new meaning to the very word ‘cold’. Nevertheless, car tyre brands that are moulded for 7-degree Celsius are ideal for both summer and winter, depending on what you’re fitting on the vehicle lately. But as spring season approaches and the ongoing shift in weather all across the globe, drivers should be prepared switching back almost instantly to cope with safe driving.

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The wrong switch – What you should do?

Even if you switch back to the summer tyres all too soon only to enter yet another unexpected late winter blasts, your tyres won’t be in the position to cope with maximum safety. This is because the rubber compounds are designed for less flexibility which means, not the suitable condition to serve the colder roads. And if you switch too late, you’ll eventually be dealing with yet another sort of issue which is underperformance of summer tyres when the temperature drops below 7-degree Celsius.


You need to be smart enough owning two set of tyres, one for summer and another for winter respectively. Be sure to have them swapped by a professional rather than doing it all by yourself, just to be extra safe and best road performance.

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