• Bollyshare HD Movies Download 2020
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    Bollyshare 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website

    The internet has proven to be a boon to many movie lovers who love to binge on movies and shows of their favourite genre through different paid entertainment portals. Some fans find watching films in the theatres better as it provides a larger than life experience and the true vision of the director. However, there are some people who do not like to spend money by going to theatres and buying subscriptions. Instead, they prefer to download the free latest Hindi, English and other language movies. Sites like BollyShare provide a platform for such type of piracy. One of the most essential facts about sites like BollyShare is that they…

  • Movies Counter movie Download Website 2020
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    Movies Counter – Illegal HD Movies Download Website

    Movies Counter – Illegal HD Movies Download Website Piracy sites like Movies Counter have been leaking newly-launched movies for free online download. These sites are affecting the global film industry in many ways than one can imagine. Piracy not only affects the box-office collection of the movie but also its performance and viewership in digital and television platforms. The internet has a vast resource of free contents, information, songs and more. This has helped the netizens to get access to various things easily, but it has also given some piracy sites like Movies Counter an opportunity to continue their unlawful acts and lure viewers on their site for free HD…

  • Mp4moviez HD Movies Download 2020
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    Mp4moviez 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website

    Mp4moviez 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website Entertainment sector has grown widely throughout the years due to the boom of the internet, which has made access to information, connectivity and entertainment easier and faster. This has led to the increase in the number of many entertainment apps, websites and more that provide paid services to watch many movies and TV shows easily in one click. However, many websites like Mp4Moviez have started using illegal means to generate viewership and money by pirating and leaking newly-launched movies in HD quality for free. This hinders the number of people going to movie theatres to watch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood films,…

  • Ssr HD Movies Download
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    Ssr Movie 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website

    Ssr Movie 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website With tons  of the piracy sites providing netizens with free latest movie download online, moviemakers are facing huge losses. This misuse of the internet has led to the boom of many illegal sites like SSR Movies who are leaking contents online. This has affected the entertainment industry, creating huge losses for producers, directors, cinema hall owners and other investors. The increasing demand for pirated movies is proving to be a problem for many. Many producers and directors have lodged numerous complaints but notorious piracy sites like SSR Movies movies download seem to have no end to their unlawful acts. They keep…

  • Movierulz HD Movies Download
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    Movierulz 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website

    Piracy has been affecting the box-office collection of movies across the world. There are several websites across the globe like Movierulz that pirate movies and leak them online for free before the movies could even release. Fans who cannot wait for the movie tend to download these pirated movies which leads to a decrease in the audience that goes to theatres to watch the latest films. Movierulz has been leaking content for a long time now. Here is all you need to know about this piracy website: About ‘Movierulz’ Movierulz is a piracy website infamous for allowing users to download pirated movies.This notorious online portal is responsible for streaming the…

  • 123 HD Movies Download Website
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    123 Movies 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website

    123 Movies 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website Piracy has become an international concern as it has been affecting moviemakers and artists world wide. Due to sites like 123movies many careers and box office numbers have been affected widely. Many famous directors and producers have lodged several complaints for the same but the government is unable to tackle the problem. Where some find it threatening to the laws, many fans have been supporting and downloading contents  from sites like 123movies online website without thinking of any consequences. This has led to a decrease in the collection of the movies worldwide. This is not only affecting the film industry but…

  • Tamilrockers 2020
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    Tamilrockers 2020: Tamil Movies Download Website

    Founded in 2011, Tamilrockers is a website that allows users to download pirated movies. These movies are typically new Bollywood, Hollywood Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Punjabi movies that get leaked on their website every week as soon as the movie releases. With the growing popularity of TV shows and web series on television channels and online streaming platforms, even these are now available for illegal download on Tamilrockers in 2020. Tamilrockers in India Since piracy is illegal in India, the Indian government has banned Tamilrockers but the website remains online as it routinely changes its domain name extension and can also be accessed via proxy sites which lead users to…

  • Filmy4wap 2020
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    Filmy4wap 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website

    Filmy4wap 2020 – Illegal HD Movies Download Website Making films requires a lot of pre and post creative hard work. Actors, directors, editors, and creative professionals spend a lot of time, money and energy to create a movie. The only way a film gets its appreciation is through box-office collections, TRPs, viewerships and award nominations. Piracy websites like Filmy4Wap leak movies online for free download which not only affects the box office number but also the career of many film industry professionals. The media and production houses lose a fortune of money because of this international piracy issue. The losses incurred by the global film fraternity has crossed millions of…