• Full Form Of IPS
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    What Is The Full Form Of IPS And Importance Of The Post

    IPS Meaning: The post IPS meaning is the Indian Police Service. IPS Officer Full Form: The full sort of IPS is that the Indian Police Service. The title of IPS is given to the candidates who Appeared and qualified for the UPSC exams. Senior posts of the Department of Police at the state and federal levels are filled with IPS officers. In a true sense, these officers from the Indian Police Service are the moving part of the machinery called nation. Previously the service was known as the Indian Imperial Police in the pre-independent era. When India got independence from British rule and the constitution was written, Under article 312…

  • DM Full Form

    DM Full Form And Everything You Need To Know About The Post

    What Is The DM?  The full form of the DM is the District Magistrate. It is also known as District Collector or Deputy Commissioner. The abbreviations used other than DM for a District Magistrate is DC. Only an Indian Administrative Service officer can be appointed as a DM or DC. DM is in charge of a district and it is the basic unit of administration in India. Every district has a DC to run things And there are 741 districts in the whole of India. So there are 741 District Magistrates. Who Appoints a DM? A District Magistrate is appointed by the Government of India. The candidate is selected as…