• Amazing Facts on Becoming a Parent
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    6 Amazing Facts on Becoming a Parent

    Becoming a parent is a person’s happiest and also scariest day of his/her life. The day a couple gets the news that they are going to be bringing a new life to this world they start planning the arrival of their child in the world. The mother of the unborn is the person who has to be extremely careful while the whole pregnancy. She not only has to take proper care of herself but also of her child. To become a father is a huge responsibility and for a person to achieve this he has to build up the character needed to be a father. Source: Google images Tips a…

  • Woman Health Problem
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    4 Major Health Problem Women Face During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a time of blessings for many, however, it does have its own side effects are which are sometimes bigger than the blessing itself. Many women die during labor and delivering a baby, while there are millions who suffer from a different type of ailments post pregnancy. Yes being pregnant isn’t perfect and you may get many symptoms which you’ll have to manage. They can be a bit more bothersome or minor like gas and forgetfulness like fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sleeplessness. Below are some suggestions to get through the nine months. 1.Carpel Tunnel syndrome: This often changes individuals who work at computers but can hit anyone who…