Task Manager Free Applications: Breathing Life In Project And Task Management

From the email you promised to send your boss to planning holidays with family and buying presents, remembering everything can overwhelm you sometimes. If you are an avid internet user, use the internet in your business undertakings daily, and haven’t adopted task management tools into your venture, or a budding entrepreneur who hasn’t set up the employees on a task management system, time to consider it seriously. Task manager free applications can help you avoid immersing yourself in a sea of tasks. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large-scale entrepreneur, an organization in the workflow is important for optimum productivity. Many free online task managers aim to assist in project tracking and resourcing and other business undertakings for a smooth workflow. It simplifies the clutter of work by helping you identify, systematically arrange and get tasks done. Free Task manager softwares has been a godsend to boost the productivity of employers and employees. 


Functions Of A Free Task Manager 


A free task manager enables you to break down the project into small-scale, achievable tasks and monitors their progress throughout their circulation. It keeps track of task progress and increases efficiency. Here’s an overview of the functions of a free task manager : 


Organizes and prioritizes 

Task management software assists in keeping a record of identified tasks. Additionally, it also helps in organizing project tasks and schedules them based on priority. Depending on task dependencies, you can then schedule out a project timeline. 


Information hotspot 

A free team task management application offers a platform to store all important project-related information in a single spot. While new tasks, team members can attach additional information, files under each task. The users can also create a wiki to focus on essential documents, data, and information required for the project. 


Monitors progress

Most free team task management softwares like Kanban board and the Gnatt chart offer multiple views to visualize the project. Users execute the movement of tasks across different locations as they work on them simultaneously. You can also view the start date, end date, duration, progress, etc., within a fraction of seconds. The application also gives clear views about deadlines and upcoming milestones. In layman’s language, the software helps the team get an overview of the progress made through the project. 


Choosing The Best Free Task Manager Software


While choosing the best free task manager application or software can spoil you for choice. The following points can help you examine the task management alternative that suits your requirements the best:


 Interface and experience

Task management software doesn’t have to be fancy-schmancy. A smooth interface with security and workflow management is the key. If you’re an in-house team, implement software that works on the company intranet( in the absence of the internet). On the contrary, a cloud-based task manager can access the management of the software or application through a computer or smartphone ( in the presence of internet connectivity). Complex task management solutions can slow down your productivity. Onboarding your team, teaching them about the properties and functions of the software can kill your time. 


Prime attributes

The task management software should provide you with sufficient information on what tasks need priority. This function includes file attachments, task deadlines, task progress, etc. Additionally, a customizable task workflow for each team functions differently. A tech team may use an entirely different approach than a creative team. The free task manager should be flexible to work in different settings. A task manager needs to keep the stakeholders updated with the project’s progress, assign tasks to various team members, and share notes and insights to manage approvals. 


Various company leaders are refocusing their operations, finding the best team task management software that incorporates easy customizations for different projects and tasks. Employees often juggle multiple systems- spreadsheets, emails, and shared documents in different locations- have no centralized location to manage the projects. Often top executives and managers lack an operational performance dashboard that evaluates and monitors teams’ overall progress and performance. When people work in different settings or change protocols, a free task management software or application enables communication. It eases collaboration with the team members and clients, allowing the easy transition of information sharing. 

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