Texas Woman Arrested For Trying To Purchase A Child At A Walmart Checkout

I never thought in my life that I would have to read such a headline.


A woman from Texas, USA, was arrested by the authorities after she tried to buy another woman’s child while they were waiting in line for the checkout at a Walmart branch 

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Not being serious right now, but how can someone literally think that they could buy a child from someone, particularly from Walmart? If anyone knows how, please do let us know cause we too are baffled by this story. 

The woman, who has been identified as Rebecca Taylor, did not pick up the chocolate bars or other small products that are bought at the cashier, instead, she wanted to literally purchase a kid from another woman.

I don’t know what she was on, but in case you guys know the source please do let us know cause we need to report that person to the cops.

KSAT, a local news outlet, reported that 49-year-old Rebecca Taylor approached a woman, who was not named, as she queued for the checkout and started making comments about one of the children that she had sitting in her trolley. 

Rebecca then asked the woman if she could buy the kid, which was a boy, at a price of $250,000. 

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Texas Woman

The mother of the baby refused the offer without even thinking, obviously no mother would sell their kid, especially not while they are at Walmart trying to buy something for themselves. 

After getting rejected, Rebecca Taylor decided to make a new offer at around $500,000, but the mother did not accept it. 

Despite being refused, the 49-year-old woman was really into purchasing the child and at one point she even got aggressive. 

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that Taylor then threatened to take the child away, but luckily, the mother and her kids managed to get out of the Walmart safely and alerted the authorities right away.

The police arrived at the scene and arrested the 49-year-old woman. 

Taylor was charged with sale or purchase of a child, which in Texas, USA, is a third degree felony

She was later released from jail after posing a bail of $50,000.

In case she is convicted, Taylor can spend up to 10 years in jail and pay a fine of up to $10,000. 

What are your thoughts on Taylor trying to purchase a child? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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