In this world, many sports provide enthusiasm and zeal to thousands of people—one of these games being Surfing, which brings a whole new level of excitement and pleasure. Surfing is one of the most common water sports, and many people like to engage in this game during their summer vacations or holidays. But the surfers often find it difficult to carry their surfboards with them, when they aren’t equipped with proper surfboard car racks. Every surfboard requires a surfboard roof rack with the help of which one can easily transport their surfboard to the beach.

The following list provides you details about some of the best kayak roof rack which can be purchased to offer you hassle-free transportation of surfboard without worrying about the duration of transport. 


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Inno racks locking roof rack is one of those versatile roof racks which provide perfect security and support systems to surfboards, regardless of their size. One of the best-regarded features of this roof rack is that one can fix the board with its broad straps and can also adjust(tighten or loosen)it with the help of a hand knob. It ensures that the board does not shift itself during transportation. 

PROS-It comes with the’ security option of locking the board to the car. It also has reaching straps and hand knobs which provides tight security to the board and provides the shifting and loosing of the board.

CONS-The surfboard car roof rack is one of the most expensive racks because of its perfectly luxurious facilities and top-notch quality.


  • It can fit almost all factory crossbars.
  • Can hold up to 3 shortboard or 2 longboards
  • Comes with long bolt adapter
  • Its floating strap system keeps the buckle secured and elevated.

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Following the list comes the Orion Motor Tech Roof Rack, one of the most popular and most robust surfboards car racks. This roof rack is most suitable for carrying and transporting heavy surfboards and equipment. It can easily hold up to 165.3 pounds of luggage. It is light and offers no issues with constant vibration. One of the good things that come with this piece is that it is cheaper as compared to other surfboards.

PROS-The soft pads attached to the rack allow fitting the surfboard right onto the roof of the vehicle without even damaging the surface. It eliminates constant noise and vibration.

CONS-The straps are not that powerful, they can tear down after six months of use. It also does not provide a perfect locking mechanism.


  • It’s lightweight.
  • Posses anti-vibration qualities.
  • Has a hefty load capacity
  • Can fit most of the vehicles(with or without gutter)


This equipment doesn’t demand an existing roof rack for installation. It comes with soft foam padding which holds the surfboard without scratching it or harming its specifications. It also has an enhanced neoprene cushion that further secures the surfboard. The rack roof can carry up to 4 short surfboards and three longboards.

PROS-It comes with an easy installation and removal process and a sturdy design.

CONS-Because of its straps that run through the open window of the car, allows dust particles and substances to penetrate inside the car. And if the straps, used for a longer time period, may break.


  • It can take place on a bare roof.
  • Minimize continuous vibration and lower down the noises.


If you have a car with no roof rack, this surfboard roof rack is the best option you can avail without compromising with your car adjustments and facilities. You can easily carry one to three boards on the rack, though its capacity depends on the surfboard thickness. The pad provided by this equipment gives an absolute resting position for your boards.

PROS-Comes with flexibility features and soft rack design. It is easy to mount and remove.

CONS-The straps can channel water into your car.


  • Its heavy-duty straps secure and buckle your surfboards.
  • It includes 1 pad for front and 1 pad for the back of the car.
  • It also has a carrying case.
  • It can also hold snowboards.


This premium double rack is the best option for you if you love to like adventure and traveling with your peers and family. These premium racks can transport a maximum of six short and four long surfboards. These roof racks come with metal buckles that provide a tight grip on the surfboard.

PROS– Offers a tight security system even at high speeds. It connects through the doors very easily.

CONS-The installation can be a technical and difficult procedure. The short may be too short to hold more than one surfboard.


  • Its D-RING design offers a tight and good security system 
  • It is made with heavy-duty 38mm webbing.


Dorsal is one of the most highly rated roof racks. It is one of the highest quality fabric surfboard carriers one can afford and avail. It has superior metal buckle pads to fasten and secure your surfboard. It is really very easy to install and remove. You can even carry two boards on the vehicle. The most appealing factor about this rack roof is that its straps can work in any already installed rack or the OEM bars.

PROS-Can carries snowboards as well. It is affordable and multipurpose. It offers a quiet and peaceful road experience because of its aerodynamically shaped paddings.

CONS-It requires an existing roof rack to cover and sometimes the straps can be too thick to provide tight security.


  • It comes with a set of two 15ft straps.
  • It is highly compact and versatile in nature.
  • It has 2 straps per set and comes with a carrying case.
  • It offers a Corrosion proof buckle.


If you have a large and heavy surfboard and you are looking for a roof rack that is compatible with your surfboard and matches all your requirements, Thule SUP taxi is the one-stop solution. This roof rack can carry surfboards up to 34 inches in width. To enhance the security of your surfboard it also features a steel reinforcement. It can support round bars and even OEM racks.

PROS-The installation can be a time-consuming affair.

CONS-It is easy to use with no loose parts and is compatible;e with all Thule racks.


  • It features a robust four lock system.
  • It also has a dual loading feature, which offers safe transport.

Trying to carry one big surfboard without causing issues and causing damages to other properties, it is essential to opt for such a rack roof carries, which offers secure and proper transportation of the surfboard. When making a way to a realistic and enthusiastic water adventure, you need a perfect carrier to transport your most important tool for the day.  And to carry it without any sort of obstruction, the above list provides you the detail which can offer some good pieces of knowledge and advice on how to choose the best surfboard car racks to purchase.

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