The Art and Science of Building a Perfect Ring Stack

Just as soon as you or your friend gets engaged Anas out wearing a round moissanite ring made from custom jewellery in Canada, you may stop wearing other rings around the same finger or hand for as long as possible. Sometimes the reason generates from the fact that one Doesn’t want to clutter their fingers with other rings, especially since the statement round moissanite rings steal the thunder at all times. Another more suitable reason for avoiding wearing any other kinds of rings or stacking of rings on the same hand is major, as one doesn’t know how to build a perfect colouring stack without it looking redundant.

There is a surge in art and science to building a perfect stack of rings on the same hand that you have your engagement moissanite ring on. Learning this art Could help you to continue your serious obsession with rings without compromising as a result of the presence of your exquisite-looking round moissanite ring. 


Here are the rings stacking and styling tips that you need to consider and heed right away: 

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  • Ensure the mix and match different metals


Although storing different types of metals in the same jewellery box can be very detrimental to your rings and cause premature tarnish on them, wearing a mix and match of different matters hardly ever plays a role in the tarnish factor. Yes, now you can pair in all yellow, rose or white gold metal together and stack them up to give a very chic and easy-go-lucky way of mixing metals. A foolproof way of carrying off this look is by sticking to using only two matters instead of a variety of different ones. Firstly pick a dominant colour and then style about two or three pieces of a second metal colour in the same stack. 

  • Always ensure to leave at least one finger entirely bare. 


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Stacking up and styling all of your rings alongside your favourite moissanite ring in Canada, Could go from being too less to just write and then do way too much in a matter of seconds. A very easy tip to avoid going overboard with the styling and stacking is to at all times leave at least one finger entirely bare. Leaving this single bear gives it a more balanced and cohesive look without it being an overpowering and overwhelming entity altogether. This works in the same concept as negative space in a painting. 

  • Choose the rings in a variety of different weights and shapes.


A sure-shot way of creating amazing balance even during the stacking period is to not only go with different metals but to choose metals in a variant of different weights and shapes. The thickness of the band to using an eternity band and then choosing a ring can all come extremely handy to create a cohesive look. However, if you already have a statement ring like your round moissanite ring, Then be sure to pair it with a relatively simpler ring to give it a cohesive and fun combination of stacking.


These are the few very important rules to learning to stack your rings without having to give up the dream of holding more rings and wearing them alongside your engagement ring. 

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