The Avatar games are canon, but won’t cross in excess of with the motion pictures

With Avatar: The Way of Drinking water — the very long-delayed sequel to James Cameron’s groundbreaking 2009 motion picture Avatar — lastly hitting theaters, enthusiasts might be questioning how the new wave of tie-ins and spinoffs might tie into the promised 5-film collection, three of which have now reportedly been shot.

Ubisoft’s Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was introduced in 2021 for release this calendar year, then delayed in July for a planned March 2023 launch. Avatar: Reckoning, an MMO made for cellular gadgets, was also planned for a 2022 launch, but now doesn’t have a release date. The Way of Water producer Jon Landau recently shared some specifics about the games with Polygon, and confirmed that neither will have any storyline crossover with The Way of Drinking water or other Avatar videos.

“We don’t want the tales to be informed with each other,” Landau stated. “This is the place we differentiate [from other multimedia franchises]. We want the tales to be special in every of these spaces.”

Landau suggests the thinking all around Avatar franchise spinoffs is that they ought to all be set in unique arenas, so organizations producing game titles — or Avatar comics, or even extra divergent jobs, like Cirque du Soleil’s Avatar show, Toruk: The Very first Flight — have more flexibility to notify their own tales.

“We do not have artistic content coming out in the visual medium so speedily as other IPs do,” Landau reported. “It’s not like, Let’s do a streaming series, and one more streaming series, and a sequel one calendar year afterwards, and all those points. That is just not who we are. We really do not want that for Avatar. What we want to do is uncover the best in brand name companions, and expand the universe by tough them to do what they do most effective. We’re undertaking that now with Huge and Ubisoft.”

At the similar time, Landau and co-producer, director, and writer James Cameron want to make absolutely sure all these divergent stories align. “We want what we do in these spaces to turn out to be canon in our world. So they cannot do anything that conflicts with our tales,” Landau said.

For the online games, that suggests placing the action outside the house or all-around the movies’ storyline. “Frontiers of Pandora requires spot in the western frontier of Pandora,” Landau clarifies. “That’s not someplace we’ve absent ahead of. It normally takes spot in the timeframe following Avatar: The Way of Water opens, but just before the just one-12 months time slash in the film.”

In the initially Avatar motion picture, the Na’vi — the catlike humanoids indigenous to the world of Pandora — resist and drive off the human incursion represented by the RDA, or Means Advancement Administration, the militaristic corporation striving to mine means from Pandora. At the starting of The Way of Water, the RDA returns to Pandora, headed by military services leader Typical Ardmore, an antagonist in the film and the Darkish Horse graphic novel sequence Avatar: The Higher Floor.

Frontiers of Pandora is steady with the film, in that it talks about figures that come back again with the RDA,” Landau claims. “General Ardmore is talked about in the sport, but they’re again at the Bridgehead base, not at the frontier. It is just like we did with [Disney theme-park land] The Environment of Avatar, which can take position in the Valley of Mo’ara. It’s not a put we see in the videos — it specials with the Omaticaya [clan of Na’vi], on a river that we’ve in no way viewed in the films. And it normally takes position two generations just after the situations of the 1st movie, so we see wrecked Samson and other wrecked gunships in the forest. We see the forest retaking these. But these [franchise spinoffs] are not telling our story.”

Avatar: The Way of Water premieres in theaters on Dec. 16. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is coming to Amazon Luna, PlayStation 5, Home windows Pc, and Xbox Sequence X in March 2023. Avatar: Reckoning does not have a projected launch date, and is getting created for iOS and Android platforms.

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