The Best 3 LED Bulbs for Indoor and Outdoor use

LED Bulbs have become a revolutionary invention not just because they produce better light but they also provide better light more effectively and efficiently. They are extremely friendly to your pockets as you can save a lot of money as these bulbs are durable and function smoothly for a long time. Companies like have been immense in helping the masses get access to Light LED Bulbs for their homes, schools, offices, outdoor parties, and more.

At, you can get all the latest types of bulbs in the market. The best feature of this website is that you can order in bulk and the more you order, the cheaper will the price per bulb be. All of their products come with a warranty while they also have a replacement-period so that the customers can use the products for a long time without any worries.

Here are three of their best products that give you long-lasting shimmering light wherever you use them –

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  • Energy Saving High Power Ceiling Light LED Bulb (12W)
    This energy saving, low noise, no UV cold-light source is suitable for most countries as it has a wide range of input voltages – AC: 85 – 265 V. When comparing it to the traditional fluorescent lamps on the basis of illumination, it can save up to 70% – 80% while it has an IP rating of IP33. It has a long life span of over 30,000 hours which is ten times as compared to a traditional energy-saving lamp. There are a variety of online stores online and you can buy LED bulbs online at reasonable price.
  • E27/E40 High Power SMD Aluminum LED Bulb with TUV Ce/RoHS Ceiling Lamp LED Light Bulb
    This environmental-friendly bulb comes with a wide range of input voltages and frequencies while it doesn’t give any flickering, no startup delay, and it also saves energy 60% more than a conventional lamp. Even though it is small in size, it has a high power factor, high conversion efficiency, and an IP rating of IP20. It is 100% recyclable and can function at temperatures ranging from -15° to 50°.
  • St64 E27 Edistion LED Filament Light Lamp Bulb
    If this bulb doesn’t remind you of Edison, then who knows what will? It has a lot of variety in terms of patterns of filament shapes and beautiful light effects. There are different base options in terms of wattage as you can to choose between 2W/4W/6W/8W/10W/11W and between dimmable/non-dimmable options. These bulbs never emit any radiations or UR, making them safe for humans while its IP rating is IP65. Make sure that you know about your need before you buy led light bulbs online India.

Which is the best option for you?

While all three of them work amazingly well, not every bulb can be used at any place you wish to. The first two here are excellent bulbs for outdoor use – you can use them to light up your swimming pool or your garden or the garage, whereas the third one is excellent for indoor use, meaning it gives excellent indoor house lighting.

You can buy any of the three and be satisfied with your purchase given you use it according to the situation and your needs.

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