The Best (And Worst) Christmas Sandwiches For 2022


When’s the right time to put up your Christmas tree? When’s the right time to start tucking into Christmas sandwiches, more like?! And to that, we’d say: right about now, actually.

The John Lewis ad’s already out, Strictly’s been to Blackpool, and the festive sarnies have well and truly landed in cafes and supermarkets. And now, HuffPost UK’s annual Christmas sandwich taste test is here – bigger and better than before.

This year, we asked each retailer to send us two different sarnies to sample – a festive favorite and a new launch. We also asked for a nice range of meat, fish, veggie and vegan options.

And to help us test them, we have teamed up with To install Tasty UK. Our Buzzfeed colleagues know a thing or two when it comes to good food, so were totally up for it — read on for our joint verdicts.

*NB. Sandwich prices may vary depending on location.

Testers: Habiba Katsha, Rachel Moss, Tasha Hinde, Nehmat Kaur, Nancy Groves, Homam Ayaso, Lirim Gula, Sepi Zolfaghari, and Sophie Bale.

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