The best video games like Age of Empires in 2022

Let’s communicate about games like Age of Empires. Ensemble’s vintage set a gold conventional in RTS recreation structure with few competitors, most of which hail from modern challengers this kind of as Command and Conquer or Starcraft. Given that these halcyon days, no newcomer has managed to topple these titans from their gilded thrones.

Even the creators of Age of Empires had been reluctant to obstacle the series’ personal legacy, with the fourth instalment arriving in 2021 (browse our Age of Empires 4 overview right here), 16 decades just after the release of component three. If you are still seeking for something similar, we’ve thrown collectively a quick tutorial on a few strategy games that we feel are very neat and adhere to a very similar method.

We’ve not bundled titles these kinds of as Command and Conquer or Starcraft II, simply because while these games are RTS game titles, they are also extremely informed by their respective options and differ in critical strategies. Age of Empires is, 1st and foremost, a historic tactic match, so with only a pair of exceptions, we’re wanting at online games that also use this as a starting up stage.

Very best video games like Age of Empires

Listed here are the very best video games like Age of Empires:

  • Empire Earth
  • Increase of Nations
  • A.D.
  • Northgard
  • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
  • Empires Apart
  • Civilization 6
  • Age of Mythology: Prolonged Edition

Best games like Age of Empires - a Napoleonic War battle with red coats firing guns in Empire Earth.

Empire Earth

If you take the primary mechanical foundation of AoE and utilize the prolonged-term style plans of Civilization, you’d have produced Empire Earth. An exceptional counterpoint to Ensemble’s behemoth, you start out a recreation in the prehistoric era and can take it all the way as a result of to the close to future.

Though this might clear away some of the depth and nuance Age of Empires had owing to its much more centered time durations, you’re even now in essence taking part in out a game of Civilization, but in actual-time, which more than tends to make up for it. Empire Earth 2 innovated marginally by breaking up the landmass into chunks, which you had to command in advance of you could completely make on them. This gave the map additional strategic relevance, in particular as valuable late-video game means commenced to show up. You can get the best variation of Empire Earth on GOG at a decent selling price these times.

Best games like Age of Empires - a civilisation growing near a river and some trees in Rise of Nations.

Increase of Nations

Created by Brian Reynolds, notable designer of Civilization 2 and Alpha Centauri, Increase of Nations is a lot more worried about trying to translate the ideas of Civilization and switch-primarily based approach game titles in common into actual-time than hoping to choose on Age of Empires straight.

Continue to, the place it landed is equivalent to Empire Earth higher than and Age of Empires by itself, as it also spanned the whole of human historical past. You can regulate any just one of 18 civilisations, every with its very own special units and characteristics. These civilisations are if not detached from reality, and you have a ton of flexibility in building them as you development.

Best games like Age of Empires - a desert fortification in 0 A.D.


Initially a complete conversion mod for Age of Empires 2, A.D. has evolved into an open-source and free Computer match. It has been worked on by around 100 men and women in its twenty-12 months record. A.D. is nevertheless currently being labored on, and its RTS gameplay makes it an incredibly common choice to Age of Empires, specified that the time body it focuses on stops at 1CE. It also has a deeper economic climate program than in Age of Empires.

At the time of composing, there’s even now no timetable for a completed release, but you can obtain the hottest edition from the official A.D website.

Best games like Age of Empires - a Viking village near the snowy coast in Northgard.


There have been quite a few modern-day RTS game titles that have tried out to take on Age of Empires, and this Viking-themed supplying is most likely one particular of the better candidates. Where-as the rest of this list is effectively contenders from the method series’ prime, this is a modern day interpretation effectively really worth your time. Northgard places you in cost of a single of nearly a dozen fantasy Viking clans that land on the edge of new, unexplored territory.

You have bought to establish up your village and tame the land about you, dealing with legendary monsters and other aggressive clans. Its improvements occur from its use of oblique manage and a winter season phase that you should plan for in progress, lest your village succumbs to hunger. Each clan plays extremely in different ways, and developer Shiro Video games has provided it a ton of like and help above the many years with new information and video game modes.

Best games like Age of Empires - The Empire unleashes all of its ground forces against the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

An frequently disregarded footnote in the heritage of Star Wars game titles, Galactic Battlegrounds is noteworthy for the reason that it was also made by Ensemble. Introduced in 2001, it dropped a pair of years immediately after the studio produced the amazingly popular Age of Empires II. The tldr is that this is Age of Empires with a Star Wars pores and skin, while there is a bit more nuance to it than that.

It is not the most effective Star Wars-themed recreation ever, even with the growth focuses on the Clone Wars. The pair only arrived out all around the time of Episode II’s theatrical launch, so normally, it by no means benefited from significantly of the very good get the job done finished with the environment in the submit-prequel period. Continue to, it is available on Steam for beneath $5, and it is remembered really fondly – there are some excellent mods for it as properly.

Best games like Age of Empires - a medieval town in Empires Apart.

Empires Aside

This is in all probability the most effective recreation like Age of Empires you’ve hardly ever listened to of. Developed by a modest indie workforce and posted by Slitherine, it wears its AOE inspiration on its sleeve. It also comes with a pretty stylistic graphics layout, a knowledgeable AI, and some perfectly-made factions.

You can engage in a fundamental edition of the recreation for absolutely free, and then you unlock the other civilisations readily available as micro-expansions. There is skirmish play against the AI, as nicely as on the internet multiplayer, as nicely as a survival and challenge method. Empires Aside struggled to get off the ground, even just after its switch to a cost-free-to-participate in design, but it’s a fairly good and beneath-appreciated attempt to pay out homage to Age of Empires legacy. As we ponder the arrival of Age of Empires IV, jobs like this are well worth keeping in brain.

Best games like Age of Empires - several cities and colonies in hexagonal tiles in Civilization 6.

Civilization 6

Okay, so it’s not an RTS game like the Age of Empires games are, but there is so considerably about just about each Civilization match that you’ll recognise. Civ 6 is by much the most comprehensive of the bunch. There are tech trees galore and a lot of means to accomplish victory in excess of your opponents. As this is a flip-centered system game, you will need to make much more associated choices, this sort of as bolstering trade deals with other gamers and colonising new lands by sailing boats to expand your empire.

Apart from the foundation game, Civ 6 also has a several expansions that give you new strategies to enjoy. The Rise and Drop growth expands on the diplomacy and government programs though incorporating Fantastic Ages and Loyalty to the blend. Accumulating Storm finally adds all-natural disasters and geological situations to give the globe far more everyday living than at any time, eternally shifting how you established up your initially towns.

Best games like Age of Empires - a Viking village just as the ground frost melts in Age of Mythology.

Age of Mythology: Extended Version

Is this dishonest? Potentially, but we’d argue that Age of Empire’s spinoff match – Age of Mythology – is its personal beast. It can take everything that manufactured AoE online games these kinds of a joy to engage in and adds a number of pantheons to the mix, every single with its own gods influencing your peoples’ win problem and the powers open up to them. The one-player marketing campaign follows the tale of Arkantos, an Atlantean admiral despatched on a quest to regain his god Poseidon’s favour. In multiplayer, gamers can now select in between Greeks, Atlanteans, Egyptians, and Norse mythologies.

The Extended Edition has its own improvements on the initial and even an growth that introduces the Chinese pantheon. It’s already a rather sizeable update, and if it ever appears on sale for affordable, it is a great decide for a approach video game like Age of Empires. That reported, you could also desire to hold off on acquiring the Extended Version, as future yr, we be expecting to see extra of Age of Mythology Retold. A lot like the latest Age of Empires remakes, Retold presents the RTS vintage a fashionable coat of paint, and if the earlier revamped versions of Age of Empires suggest what’s to occur, there might be much more new pantheons additional to the mix.

These are the most effective game titles like Age of Empires that are offered suitable now on Computer system. Of program, these are only ideas if you want a match that is not in the principal series. If you have not played the most recent recreation in the series yet, here’s almost everything about the Age of Empires 4 Civilisations you need to know.

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