The Future 2: Lightfall trailer held one particular of The Game Awards’ flashiest moments

If video online games have taught us everything above the earlier several a long time, it is that grappling hooks are the most remarkable new characteristic you can include to a franchise.

Destiny 2: Lightfall, the MMO’s 2023 growth, will let Guardians swing all-around on a grappling hook with their new Strand powers, which Bungie at first unveiled back again in August. But in the expansion’s newest trailer, which debuted at The Activity Awards 2023, players obtained to see some grappling hook gameplay that confirmed that Guardians can grapple to nearly anything — even their fellow Guardians.

About thirty seconds into the new trailer, as soon as the really cinematic times are over, we see a Thundercrash Titan just take off making use of their Super. Now, for the uninitiated, Thundercrash is a Super added in Future 2: Forsaken, which triggers the Titan to turn their body into a missile, letting them practically fly by way of the air until finally they crash into something. The super isn’t new, but the Hunter employing their grapple to hitch a journey on the Thundercrash is.

Bungie is aware how to make a flashy trailer, and this instant will take the cake. The Thundercrash Titan glides towards a group of enemies and the Hunter is equipped to fly via the air with them. When the duo lands, the two of them start off kicking ass jointly, and we even see the Hunter grapple into an opposing Cabal and do some form of melee execution on them.

A Hunter Guardian uses the new Strand grappling hook to ride a Thundercrash Guardian into a group of enemies in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Image: Bungie by way of YouTube and GifRun

The rodeo Hunter is undoubtedly the highlight of the trailer, but there are plenty of other exciting Strand tidbits and possible teases hidden in there (plus we get loads of shots of the gorgeous Neomuna destination).

20 two seconds into the trailer, we see a Hunter slam into the floor. When they land, all the Cabal around them lift up into the air and keep on being suspended. We see this very same impact later on on in the trailer where a handful of Cabal are levitating — trapped by Strand — about a Warlock standing in a Rift.

In the course of a gunplay part, starting off 23 seconds into the trailer, we see a Titan taking pictures what seems to be inexperienced bullets out of a new gun. Inexperienced bullets could possibly not seem to be out of put in a Future 2 trailer, but bullet coloration commonly matches that of the weapon’s component. It took approximately a 12 months to get Legendary Stasis weapons in the period of Further than Gentle, but this helps make it appear like Guardians will get Strand weapons just about immediately in Lightfall. Shortly right after the Thundercrash phase, we also see a Titan pop a Towering Barricade, which brings about a massive blade to slice out in entrance of them, searching for out nearby Cabal targets.

Just shy of the moment mark we see all 3 lessons solid their new Strand Supers, which we’ve generally found ahead of. However, this trailer does look to verify that the Titan’s new blade-hands Tremendous is however a further roaming Tremendous means — a little something Titan players previously pretty familiar with. The Hunter Rope-Dart Tremendous seems to have a significant swing radius to it, letting the Guardian slice up a group of Cabal with simplicity, and the Warlock Tremendous summons a bunch of homing missiles out of slender air.

The rest of the trailer is typically centered on tale and cinematic times, fairly than gameplay. Nevertheless, we do see a Titan doing a dash punch as a result of a glass window in the back fifty percent of the trailer. This animation mirrors several of the other shoulder charge capabilities Titans have access to, and will most likely be a person of the Strand melee possibilities.

The trailer is packed with plenty of other enticing moments that are really worth calling out. If you are interested in a longer breakdown, we endorse checking out Aztecross’ examination online video.

Bungie will launch Future 2: Lightfall for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows Computer system, Xbox One particular, and Xbox Sequence X on Feb. 28, 2023.

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