The long dress, how to wear it?

Whether in a relaxed, chic or bohemian version, it remains feminine and stylish. In recent years, it has become trendy again for our greatest pleasure. However, there are a few rules to follow to successfully create a trendy and harmonious silhouette. So how to wear the long dress?

The advantages of the long dress

Want to put on a dress but your legs have not gone through the tanning and waxing box? Do you have cellulite? Don’t you like your knees? The branded gg dress is made for you because it has the advantage of hiding our small imperfections.

It comes at the right time in the mornings when we are in a hurry or when we do not want to think two hours in front of our closet. It is therefore a piece that makes our life easier!

In the evening version, it has the power to sublimate us . On the red carpets, this is the favorite outfit of the stars. Wearing a long dress has its effect and gives us an incredible look! It is the assurance of being admired and noticed.

How to choose your long dress?

Good news ! The long dress suits everyone! It is still preferable to select models according to its morphology. Are you little? Choose the plain one, avoiding the loose fit. The ideal length? Below the knee. If you love the ankle length, opt for a model with thin straps mixed with a pair of wedges. The +: make yourself a bun, a tip that will bring you height.

If you want to slim your figure, avoid magnifying prints like big flowers or big polka dots. To lengthen the figure, it is better to choose small patterns and horizontal stripes. The empire cut is ideal for hiding small curves in the waist and stomach.

If you have an X- shaped body, belted dresses will highlight your bust and waist . The wrap or wallet shapes are made for you.

For V-shaped morphologies , it is imperative to choose a model with volume at the hips in order to rebalance and feminize the silhouette.

For H- shaped body types, wear straight, fitted dresses. Never belt them at the waist but rather at the hips.

You can be glamor in a republic womenswear dress. Dare to wear dresses slit on the side if you are lucky enough to have beautiful legs. But we avoid adding a plunging neckline. An example with the dress that Lady Gaga wore during the Grammy Awards. Too much exposed skin is not always a sign of elegance.

Which jacket to wear with a long dress?

Almost anything is allowed, provided you choose a short jacket model that is rather close to the body. It will all depend on the style you want to give your look. Try a short blazer, a bolero, a perfecto, a bomber… The ideal for me is a denim jacket. This timeless piece allows you to modernize your look and it has the advantage of mixing perfectly with all fabrics. On the other hand, I do not find very happy to wear it with a very dressy dress. A refined stole will be much more suitable. The long dress can stand on its own and does not necessarily require a jacket to complete its look.

The shoes

Flat sandals or heels, pumps with square heels, clogs, sneakers, espadrilles … It all depends on the style of your dress. For a bohemian look, wear a pair of cowboy boots or suede ankle boots paired with a fringed bag. For the beach, a pair of mules or flip flops associated with a large straw basket.

The accessories

If your dress is plain , you can have fun with cute accessories. Add your choice of a cuff, a long necklace, imposing earrings, an accumulation of rings or bracelet, a bag or a clutch. Hats are very trendy, do not hesitate to wear them. Beyond the fact that it protects us from the sun, it is also an accessory that gives us a lot of style.

On the other hand, if your dress has a very present print , there is no need to overdo it. Wear more discreet jewelry to make room for your dress.

Long dress outfit ideas

The beautiful days are finally coming and we want to bring out our pretty summer dresses. If you want something new in your wardrobe.



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